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Encouraging/Frightening DMSO experience


Encouraging/Frightening DMSO experience

Ok, I was reading about the potential benefits of DMSO on all kinds of problems, so the incorrigible experimenter that I am, decided to use it on my unit.

You see, I had been experimenting with pumping and slightly overdid it. My unit was reddened and slightly swollen the following day. Perfect time to try DMSO! Mixed it with cold pressed castor oil (speeds healing through lymphatic drainage)…and slathered it on my willy. Great results, almost immediately, reduce redness and swelling. Woke up last nite with a hard on that wouldn’t quit! Great! Love this stuff!

Ok, now comes the scary part. I was getting ready to do some water pumping today (because my willy was now totally recovered), used IR heat to warm it up, and proceed to do some moderate to hard dry jelques…BLEW A SMALL VEIN!!! Immediately got a blood knot about 2 cm in diameter (1/2 in?). Scared the crap out of me! (I put digital pressure on it to seal it, then gentle rubbing to disperse the blood to speed absorption, then arnica cream.)

What in the heck happened? Never blew a vein before!

Ok, speculation time. It could be a total coincidence….or

Dmso has the wonderful ability to dissolve some types of scar tissue (I may have that wrong). That was one of the reason it came up in this forum. That if you have beaten your unit to death and are plateaued, it may help in reducing scar tissue build up.

What I think MAY have happened is that, obviously doing PE I have put high pressures on my blood vessels which probably have caused micro tears that healed over with scar tissue. IF that is the case, it could very well be that using the DMSO dissolved enough of that so when I started jelquing it was enough pressure to bust through the old injury.

This is all speculation, but my advice is that if you decide to experiment with DMSO, it would be prudent to decrease some of your force and slowly work up to your usual force.



How much Hg units of vacuum were you pumping?

Move a little closer, Honey.

I've got a big prick for you.

Hey VG!

The pumping didn’t cause the bleed, it was jelqing this morning.

I have been experimenting with jelquing the tube up to about 8-9 in hg for a one second hold, dropping down to about 3 in hg for 1-2 sec. This I was doing for 10-15 minutes, 3 cycles interspersed with jelques or clamping.

The more I pump the more it becomes apparent that you need to ride the fine line of stretching the tissues without damaging them so much that they become inflamed and then contract.

I think a good rule of thumb for most of us (if your gauge is accurate) is about 5 in hg on the top end. Of course as you become more conditioned it seems you can push that a little. When I was keeping the range from 3-5 in hg, my in tube size was slowly but surely increasing, no side effects.

I get impatient and try to see if there is a way to speed it up. I wanted to see if you could up the top end and keep the time down to about 1 sec. I figured you could limit the bad effects while getting more good effects. I believe that there is some validity to that theory, if is just a matter of determining how much total time is productive.



I read somewhere that DMSO only works on fibrotic tissue, not on normal connective tissue. So I question whether DMSO is the cause of your ruptured vein.

Regardless, I would definitely hesitate to put anything on my dick that even allegedly eats collagen. There’s just no telling whether it will decondition your tunica or digest it entirely! Caution, please.


You’re the first person I’ve heard that has actually used it like this, and it sounds like it lives up to it’s claims. I don’t think DMSO could rupture a vein, but I do believe that if you had previously damaged a vein that has started to scar over, then DMSO may ‘undo’ incomplete repairs to some degree. Remember that just because everything looks okay isn’t any reason to think that the repairs aren’t still underway for possibly months afterwards.

By posting this you’ve pointed out one of the limitations of my thinking. When I think of fibrosis/stretching etc. I’m usually thinking only of the tunica and stretch exercises. If veins are getting damaged with jelqing then that’s a new consideration.

I think until we have more real world feedback, the best thing to do with DMSO is use it as part of a deconditioning protocol, and not for heavy exercise.

Holy Crap Sparkyx,

That’s scary as hell! Just how much DMSO did you use when you “slathered” it on your Willy? I know that your answer might be very qualitative as you mixed the DMSO with castor oil (good move BTW) but how much do you think you used?

In my own experience I use it VERY sparingly - just enough to get a light film on MiniMe then I massage it in until there is no residual sheen - and, like your experience above, boy oh boy does it ever knock down soreness and irritation.

Sorry you had such a jolt (BTW 2 cm is about 0.8 inch as 1 inch = 2.54 cm) - maybe your haemotoma was 1 cm?

Hope you heal up quickly,


Hey MrTips!

Looked like a freaking foot wide at the moment (probably 1 cm). When it comes to my willy, I easily panic!

I probably used about 1/4-1/2 tsp max. I was really enthusiastic right until the blow out. My wife works nites, but when she is off…she works me over good! She is off tonite, and I have a purple spot on my cock about the size of a dime. She won’t be pleased. She knows I PE, but isn’t thrilled. This will really convince her its a good thing (NOT). Oh well, all for the advancement of the cause!


Sounds like a good plan for now…or until we can talk some other fool into pushing the boundries!


That is my hypothosis. That damage to the vein was repaired with fibrotic tissue, and it may have been partially dissolved, leaving the repaired area weakened.


Purple Willy Sparkyx

Hey blue sparkyx,

1/4-1/2 teaspoon is not an excessive amount JMHO. I use maybe 1/4 teaspoon of the gel but mine is also formulated with 10% aloevera not that aloevera or the lack therof is significant - not sure.

As to dealing with MrsSparkyx, I suggest camoflage (and subtrifuge). Get her makeup case, take a bit of foundation and a touch of blush and hide the evidence. Is that a plan?



BlueSparkyx…hummmm, how’bout blue spark or blue flame? Ahh, forget it.

Anyway, great plan until she tastes her makeup on my cock…now that will be a fun one to explain! I’ll take my chances with the truth, (and dimmed lights lol!)

She does know that I’m PEing, but didn’t want to get the details or see it. It is something vaguely perverted or sinister in her mind. I don’t really see why, because she loves to have me jack off while she watches…women, can’t always figure out what they’re thinking.

Like someone here said it not so much the activity, but the secrecy that threatens them. In the beginning I thought it best just to let her know what I was up to so her imagination wouldn’t run away with her if she got suspicious.

Back to the DMSO, really I think that it is potentially very good. Especially if that iron deposit thing you mentioned works good. Good for appearance, good for function and health. I think that Shiver’s recommendation is a good starting point…use it during a deconditioning cycle. I would just add, work up pressures like you were a newbie for a while (how long?) for safety sake.

It really could have been a coincidence, but I kinda’ doubt it.



recently, during a stretching and jelqing session I experienced one of these ‘blood knots’ on my shaft. It was maybe .5cm in diameter.

I don’t use any supplements or creams and there wasn’t anything unusual about my PE session. It went away and I have continued to PE as normal.



How long did you wait until to continue your PE? I’ve got a purple area the size of a dime and growing as the blood slowly spreads out under the skin.

I’m at work now and brought my arnica cream with me to apply multiple times today to speed the healing.


Originally Posted by sparkyx
Hey VG!

The pumping didn’t cause the bleed, it was jelqing this morning.

I have been experimenting with jelquing the tube up to about 8-9 in hg for a one second hold, dropping down to about 3 in hg for 1-2 sec. This I was doing for 10-15 minutes, 3 cycles interspersed with jelques or clamping.

I asked about the pumping because I know how tempting it is to try just one more Hg unit of measure. I ‘tried’ 6 Hg and caused tiny water blister on the tip of my penis. It was a VERY stupid thing to do. From now on I’ll stick to 3-4 Hg.

I am not qualified to say what caused your rupture, but my gut feeling is that it has more to do with the 8-9 Hg than the DMSO.

Move a little closer, Honey.

I've got a big prick for you.

Look, there is no doubt that 8-9 in hg contributed to damaging and/or weakening the blood vessel. But, I have done it before, and never burst a vein. I think the combination of higher vacuum over time damaging the vessel and it repairing itself with fibrotic tissue, which the DMSO partially dissolved, undoing the repair to the point that some moderate jelquing then was enough to blow it.

As far as pumping goes, yes moderate pressures consistently applied will get you there without negative side effects. When I keep the top end below 5 in hg, I get slow but steady expansion with no discoloration, edema or red spots. I just have to get a mind set of a year for an inch.


Originally Posted by VegasGuy
It was a VERY stupid thing to do.


After re-reading that comment I wish to clarify that while writing it I was directing it at myself, my inexperience at pumping, and not staying within safe levels of vacuum. (I thought I was at the time.)

My apologies if you felt it was directed at you.

Move a little closer, Honey.

I've got a big prick for you.

Hey, I thought it was a good and valid observation!

No offense taken.


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