Encouragement for the injured

Hey guys. Most here don’t know me but I wanted to share what happened to me, how I got better and hopefully offer some encouragement for the injured. My name is Matt. I began PE in March of this year. Doing the newbie routine for a month and then the standard routine the next four months, I gained 1/4” both length and girth.

Everything was going great. My EQ was better than ever, I made some gains and my wife was enjoying the changes in me. I then decided to add hanging to my routine. I made a homemade hanger very similar to the “AFB Weight Hanger” from Tom Hubbards Workshop. About two weeks into hanging, I was doing my routine on a Friday night and felt a burning sensation on the left side of my penis, (halfway down). Later that night, I could not get an erection. My penis turtled up and was unbelievably small. The only pain I felt, was at the moment of the injury. After that, there may have been a some tiny aches here and there but nothing I would consider bad.

My hanging routine consisted of three, 10 minute sets and the max weight I was using was only 3lbs. I’m not sure, but I believe what lead to my injury was being dehydrated. I work outside and sweat alot. 3lbs is not heavy and the injury occurred above the hanger. I think my tissues were not hydrated and did not have as much give as properly hydrated tissues would have.

The next night, I attempted to have sex with my wife and once again but I could not achieve an erection. Morning/night wood was not happening. My libido disappeared. Even watching porn did not do a thing for me. By now, I was pretty freaked out. I ceased all PE for one week and watched as my penis seemed to shrink more and more each day.

About 10 days later, I started getting weak morning wood. I was also able to get erect enough for sex but it was a weak erection at best. I decided to resume my routine, minus the hanging but my night wood and erections began to suffer even more. I once again ceased all PE, this time for one month.

During that month, I looked into supplements to add in the healing process and to help get me back on track. (I’ll share the link of the supplements I took at the end of my post.) Anyway, during the healing process, I could actually feel my penis healing itself. If I were to describe the feeling, I would say it was like a slight shakiness or “buzzing” sensation in the area of the injury. Feeling that made me feel good knowing I was healing up.

Fast forward to the end of the month. My boners were back, although not like they were before the injury. Night/morning wood was happening everyday, just not as hard. I once again resumed PE but this time, a scaled back form. The first week all I did was lightly message my penis with Omega 3 fish oil pills and Vitamin E. I squeezed them into a small bowl and dipped my finger as needed. The next week, I started my routine with a 10 minute warm up(penis in a cup of warm/hot water) and jelqed lightly for only 5 minutes. I did this two days on, 1 day off. I saw some improvement in the next few weeks. Night wood got better and my erections improved.

I then bumped up my jelqing routine to 10 minutes and began to use a little more force. EQ was was still improving so I began to do Kegels. I started doing one set of 50, with two second holds and one set of 10, with 5 second holds. The results were an even better EQ and much better night wood. I was happy to be finally done with this injury….or was I?

Looking back, physically, I was better. The night wood proves that. The new problem was my mind. Sometimes I would have sex with my wife and my erection would quickly subside. I would have to think some crazy, sexual thoughts or watch her perform oral sex on me, just so I could get it back up. The fear of not being able to perform, just like the night of the injury, was still fresh in my mind, even if I was not even thinking about it. Other times, she would just look at me the right way and I would pop a boner, just standing in the kitchen. I wasn’t thinking about it nor was I expected to perform, so it happened. That right there told me it was now in my head. The mind is so much more powerful than we can ever comprehend.

Today I can say I am better off because of this injury. It showed me what the mind is capable of and taught me to control it. So, all of you guys that are injured, there is hope for you. Don’t give up! Take at least one month off and come back slowly. No need to rush back into another injury. During your time off, drink plenty of water and take supplements to aid in healing. Most of all, don’t let your mind trick you. It does happen more than you think.

Good luck!

Here is the link to the supplements I took to help speed up the healing process: