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Encapsulating Arginine Powder


I’ve had no problems taking 1 teaspoon immediately before bed. I usually however take it 1 hour before bed, for Mrs wadfile…you know what I mean.

I got the stuff yesterday. It is yucky but not terribly strong. The less water I mix it with the better. Gulp and chase with something.

I’ll try it plain for a while. If I were planning to take this every day for the rest of my life I’d definitely put it in capsules.

Originally Posted by hobby
Empty caps come in rather non-descript sizes. I see 0 and 00 for sale. How much Arginine powder does each size hold?

I use 00 caps from everything I make. With Green Tea extract which is a very fine powder I get 560mg. With Tongkat Ali which is probably a little finer than table salt I get 340mg. Hope that gives you some idea. You can get bigger than 00 caps though if you can swallow horse pills. You might get a 1g+ of Arg into one of those.


How do you find the Tongkat Ali works? Any side effects?

I just eat steak and eggs for my L-arginine. I think if you eat right and use regular vitamin supplements like Centrum or One a day, you dont hae to buy so many supplements

Originally Posted by wadfile

How do you find the Tongkat Ali works? Any side effects?

No side effects, it just takes like the worst thing imaginable and doesn’t sit too easy on the stomach. One time I took 1000mg just before exercising and threw it all back up. I bought quite a lot of it, and some guys at work asked me for some. Then next month they came back for more as they liked it very much. Personally I think it’s not bad, but everyone I’ve ever conversed with about it got better results than me, so I’m probably the wrong person to ask.

I used to make my own Energy drink with arginine. Mixed with a GatorAide type drink. Along with the Arginine 1000mg, I mixed Taurine, Carnitine, Guarana. The guarana made the Arginine taste like candy.

I buy the NOW Arginine 1000mg tabs. At present. Will look at the NOW Arginine powder and make caps. As I’ll be also making my own powder generic sildenafil caps.


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