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Emu oil and l-arginine ethyl ester ... make your own

Emu oil and l-arginine ethyl ester ... make your own

Hey everyone,

After a lot of reading and actual experimenting I have come up with a cheap and effective penis massage / healing / “enlarging” oil. The idea is to combine Emu oil and l-arginine ethyl ester.

Why Emu oil?
Emu oil is a reported aid in the healing of skin and tissues. It is also absorbed deeply into the skin, this means it can be used as a carrier to let other products be absorbed into the skin. check out this link for more information Emu oil is also probably the best lube I have ever used. Yes it is messy since it is an oil but it seems to clean off clothes from just normal washing.

Why l-arginine ethyl ester? I’m not a scientist but my understanding is basically softens the vein’s allowing for more blood flow. More blood flow should allow for faster healing / bigger erections. I chose l-arginine ethyl ester because I take it orally and that’s what I have available. Other forms of l-arginine may work just as well. It is also well absorbed into the skin. Many products use it now there are even some condoms that use it in lube.

Whats the point?
Basically the idea is it can be used as a lube while doing your routine, it should also aid in healing. I can tell you it really helps erections. All you need to do is massage in a tiny amount about 1/8tsp for 1-2 minutes. Longer if you want. Wait a hour or two. Your erections will be fuller and harder (at least mine are)

How do you make it?
1 This is the best way I have found. Get a small 1oz bottle (trial size shampoo or lotion bottles work well. Fill it 1/4 full or l-arginine ethyl ester.

2 Add just enough water to turn it to a medium thick paste. Add only a few drops of warm water at a time since it will change consistency fast. Shake it often so you can tell if its mixed all the way through.

3 Fill the rest of the bottle up with Emu oil and shake. You will need to shake it every time you use it because the water will separate from the oil. The key is to use as little water as possible to dissolve the l-arginine ethyl ester.

I have used the nutrabio brand l-arginine and have been very happy with it orally and topically. I have bought my emo oil on ebay and have been happy with it also. I personally get the “food grade” emu oil. Since it is absorbed directly into your system I feel its probably a safer bet than some of the lesser qualities.

I’m interested in hearing how good this homemade lube works for you, because if it works as good as you say it does than it could implemented with various mixture. I already have a few ideas that I want to try out, but I would start with your mix first. Hey Cammie77! How long have you been using this mix?

On and off for about 6 months now. I think you will be happy with the results. Even if your not happy with it start out with a small 1 oz batch. If you don’t like it your not out much. You can take the l-arginine ethyl ester like you would any form of l-arginine. And the Emu oil is good to have around for dry skin minor cuts ect.

If you end up making some let us know what you think.

If taken orally, what do you think is better? L-arginine or esthle?

Orally the ethyl ester is WAY better. I would have to check the numbers but some claim its up to 40 times more effective so you end up taking way less. You can check out some bodybuilding websites ect here is one that poped up…t=918669&page=1

Yep. Thanks I will check it out. I asked because creatine ethyl ester is useless, so I wonder about the esters.

Hey Cammie77. I’ve just ordered some emu oil and am going to give this a try. I’m going to use arginine akg cause that’s what I have at home at the minute. Do you think that will be okay? Also I’m going to mix mine up in a jar. Do you know how many ml’s of emu oil you use and how many grams of arginine roughly. Thanks

I think any form of l-arginine will work. Mine ended up being about 25 ml’s emu oil to 15grams l-arginine and 3ml’s of water. You will be surprised, a little goes a long way. Let us know what you think of it after you have used it a couple times.

PS. Fresh Emu oil should last about a year at room temp. I keep my un-mixed emu oil in the fridge to hopefully keep it fresher.

Something as simple as a bit of salt may help more of the arginine pass through the skin:

Topical delivery of arginine may cause beneficial effects

Other Means of Effecting or Improving Absorption

A variety of means for effecting or improving absorption of the active agent can be envisioned, which are provided in the following several embodiments. One principle behind the absorption of a highly charged molecule such as L-arginine into tissue is to either create a biophysically hostile environment in the delivery vehicle such that L-arginine would prefer to be in tissue, or in an another embodiment is to package L-arginine in such a way that it is carried into tissue or neutralize its charge by derivitization or forming a neutral salt. Examples of biophysically hostile environments, include but are not limited to; high ionic strength by the addition of ionic salts such as sodium chloride, magnesium chloride or choline chloride; high or low pH by adding pharmaceutically acceptable acids or bases; and highly hydrophobic environments by decreasing water content and increasing lipid, oil and/or wax content.

Examples of the other embodiment of packaging which would be carried into tissue includes liposomes or emulsions of collagen, collagen peptides or other components of skin or basement membrane. Examples of neutralization of charge include delivery of the active agent in the form or an ester or salt such as arginine glutamate which is electronically neutral. In each case of creating a hostile biophysical environment for the active agent, the agent was added to an appropriate preparation.

In the case of creating a high ionic strength ions such as but not limited to sodium chloride, potassium chloride, choline chloride, magnesium chloride, lithium chloride, alone or in combination were added in high concentration. An example of a high concentration of high strength ions are sodium chloride (0.25% to 25%), choline chloride (0.25% to 25%) and magnesium chloride (0.25% to 25%) alone or. in combination.

Other highly charged molecules such as polylysine, polyglutamine, polyaspartate or copolymers of such charged amino acids may be used to create the hostile biophysical environment. Alternatively a hostile biophysical environment may be created by placing the highly charged L-arginine in an hydrophobic, oily environment such as in an oil-based cream containing little or no water.

Absorption may further be aided in another embodiment, by combining the use of hostile biophysical environments with the use of penetrating agents such as oleoresin capsicum or its constituents or molecules containing heterocyclic rings to which are attached hydrocarbon chains.

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