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Elitenetpharmacy's PT-141

Elitenetpharmacy's PT-141

…PT-141 (Bremelanotide) 10mg vial USD49.99

Anyone tried it? They say that nasally, as little as 0.5mg can be used.


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PT-141 utterly sucks.

If it works so well, then why has the stock of Palatin technologies bit the dust?

I bought the injectable in 2006. Mixed it with bacteriostatic water in just the right amounts, etc.

I felt warm and fevery, and the horniness and pro-erection qualities were very minimal. A good night’s sleep and a quarter-pill of viagra would work a lot further for pro-sexual effects.

The nasal spray never worked out. Palatin couldn’t make a stable workable version of it.

Run, don’t walk, from that money-pit.


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