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Dr. Pezzi's book

All I’m saying is that I’ve gained 1 1/8 inch in 3 months. Most of that time, I was on some type of T/DHT precursor. All of the ones I used were transdermal and I didn’t gain at all for the first 2 weeks. I use a rapid cycle method and used tribulas to insure my testi’s continue to produce testosterone.

Take it or leave it because I’m assuming I’m not the only one to have gained this fast. I never stopped doing my routine except for the first few days I used 4ad. I never thought of this as more than a way to supplement the routine.

Jones is the one that convinced me that gaines could be had without the routine. I never experienced this myself. From my stand point, the Sups made all the difference in the world. From others, it may not be this way.

ive been applying andractim gel, (dht) for the last 2 weeks. I notice more vascularity, no growth yet. I’m doing this in concert with jelqing and streching. Any other suggestions?

Using a heating pad or rice sock makes tissue stretch more quickly and more easily.

Before I found Thunder’s Place I did a search on MSN under “Penis Enlargement” and the featured site was this one:…/41/1685_51993?

It a nut shell the doctor says that you can’t enlarge your penis. How disappointing it was to read this! Now I know it is bullshit. Check out the article. It is only one page long. I almost gave up on my quest after reading it. Thank God I was desperate and refused to give up hope.

Cya at 8…… So if i understand you correctly….. A 30 day regime of finasteride, followed by a 3 alpha powder, mixed with a ph gel, and a daily application of Adractim or androgel in condert with pe?

Cya at 8 , I was just wondering how many squirts of the topical did you use and was it 3 alpha in gel 3 or just 4derm.


1 1/8 is great results and just like the last few post can you help us understand what you did exactly and where can we get all these products from. There are so many that look alike or claim they are the same I would like to be sure I know what I am getting.

Ok guys, I stopped using this mixture because of hair loss and acne. The side effects and the unproven results make this a less than desirable path. These are anabolic steroids and make no mistake, they will effect you in the same manor as more well known steroids.

I have hit a plateau myself here. Have not gained in over 2 months. Others have attempted this route with minimal results. The best route is to try another route besides this one.

That is interesting. You were taking finisteride and 3-alpha and experienced hair loss. I guess this indicates circulating DHT is important to MPB. As you may recall, I wondered if DHT conversion from T within the follicle was the dominate mechanism in MPB.

How long were you on finisteride and had you ever experienced hair loss prior to this experiment?

Did you notice any other effects such as: stronger sex drive, stronger erections, or increased vascularity?

This thread has been dormant for going on two and a half years. I think I am going to get it running again.

Cya at 8, if you are still hanging around…I would love to have your input from time to time.

I discovered Dr. Pezzi’s book about three weeks ago and could not stop myself. His logic made sense to me as it seemed consistent with limited the physics and biology I took in college. I thought it worthy of a trial (with myself as the subject) and I will thorw my body in front of the PE train for posterity. If it works for me, I will have a larger schlong. If it doesn’t, then we will have TWO examples to learn from won’t we?

Here is MY experiment…

Andro-D Gel from Z-labs (contains: DHEA, Pregnenolone, and Tribulus Extract)
Andradactim Gel (contains: androstanolone)

I will stick to my “regular” routine as detailed in my progress log: basic stretches and jelqing with 8 hours of ADS use during the week.
I will apply the Andradactim gel directly to the penis 7 days a week for three weeks and then take one week off. Applied at night.
I will apply the Andro-D Gel to abdomen 7 days in a row on alternating weeks (one on, one off). Applied in the morning.

I have no family history of male pattern baldness, I do not have benign prostate growth. I have done a lot of medical research and I am “somewhat” confident that the additional DHT will not have significant negative effects on me. I will be careful not to allow any transfer to other people, and I will document my trial with weekly posts here and on my progress log (the posts will not be exactly the same).

This experiment will begin officially on March 20th and I will continue it until September 20th (Six months). If there is no significant increase in my gain rate in 6 months I will discontinue the trial.

"Debate the idea..."

Very interested to hear the results of your self-test.

So Goon anything?

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

What happened with this experiment?

If anyone has “The Science of Sex”-pdf from Kevin Pezzi - please send me a PM.

I’m taking finasteride (2,5 mg a day) now for 4 months and will finish it in 2 months. Looking forward to it and hope that it will work out!

Do you think I should use additional “Andractim” gel after the finasteride-phase or not?

Does anyone have experience with this finasteride-experiment?

Best regards!

Dr. Pezzi's Advanced Techniques

I went to Dr. Pezzi’s webpage:


And noticed he has an Advanced Techniques download for penis enlargement.

Has anyone downloaded this?




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