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Dr. Pezzi's book

4ad converts to testosterone and 3alpha converts to DHT. 4ad coverts at about 14% to testosterone and then still needs to be converted further to DHT via 5ar. 3alpha is converted to DHT at a 40% clip.

Has anyone had any coorespondense with this Pezzi guy?

He doesn’t say how much “larger” he was after 3 weeks on DHT.


I guess you got his book? You see the part where he says PE will work and that it is simple Physics 101 stuff? He only mentions the “Peter Pumper” but I would think this applies to all stress related growth. I think this guy is legit as can be.

I emailed him about a few things, haven’t got a response yet. If I do, I will let you know. My interests are in proving the possibility of this rather than finding another way to grow it. This is about the medical community and their total denial of penis growth in any form. It will never be safe enough for everyone to gain this way and your risking your hair if you attempt this.


Yeah, I know the risk. I’d rather have my hair than get another inch. But this kinda stuff interests me anyway. I’ve been a hard gainer and I’ve always wondered if it was a hormonal thing for me in that my natural body chemistry leans towards the catabolic rather than the anabolic. That may sound stupid to the more informed, but sometimes we know our bodies better than anyone else.


Apparently excess fat slows our brains down and puts us more into a

catabolic rhythm. Being leaner would help with anabolism and testosterone.

This might sound stupid as hell. But if I have the looks of a bodybuilder. Little fat compared to muscle size. Does this mean I have high levels of all sort of testosterone molecules?

Restarting everything.

I mean without really being into exercising aerobic or anaerobic…

Restarting everything.

I wouldn’t think so. I think your natural body composition is pretty much all genetic.

I’m only repeating what I heard about tests they did on rats. I can’t say that I “know”.

Cya at 8,

Have you thought about using gel #3 with alpha 3?

I did but it seems that 3alpha has some solubility issues with 3alpha. I think this is why “hung” isn’t a reality. I already have gel#3 and attempted using it.

I dont want anyone really trying this as well. The maturity of the tunica may be the reason you can’t grow after puberty. If this is true, the amount of pressure necessary to increase size may be too much for DHT to make much difference.

In animals, DHT has a profound effect on the tunica, this hasn’t yet been proven in humans. Also, circulating DHT hasn’t been proven to grow the prostate. In fact, they have given DHT to some with BPH and found that it had the opposite effect because of lowering the amount of Testosterone and Estrogen levels in the blood.

This is my experiment and I will post the results. No need for anyone else to waste their money if this wont work.

Have you posted what your experiment consists of?

Do you know if using finasteride would prevent 3alpha from converting to DHT?

I personally have been putting 4-AD on my penis for a few days. I figure it won’t do more harm there than anywhere else. There is the possibility it will work for gains. I didn’t purchase it for this, but what the heck. ;) I plan to use it for the next 3-4 weeks if I don’t run out before that. I will still be doing PE exercises, so this won’t really be testing the theory.

I’m going to use finasteride for upwards of a month and then add in 3alpha. 3alpha uses 3a-HSD for conversion to dihydrotestosterone so there wont be any conflict with using fin while also using 3alpha.

I just went and defused my #3 gel on accident while trying to fix the solubility issues. Considering I’m one of the laid off people in the US, I’m going to have to wait even longer to re-up my 3alpha for this trial. So, I may be on finasteride for longer than a month. No harm in that from what I see.

I used 4ad for some time and noticed harder erections and a “stiffness” to my penis. Thats the best way I could describe it. I never stopped doing my routine, so I can’t say that gains came from that. It’s still an interesting subject just because some claim gains on it.

What 3alpha product are you using, and where can you get it? I’ve been on finasteride for 2 months now.

Do a search on 3alpha powder. Then you have to mix it together with a PH gel. Doesn’t matter where you get them. Sorry I couldn’t help more.

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