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Dr. Adams Chem PE Again

Ronielle admitted he has goes wrong on a number of things in recent times, and this helps his reliability a bit. Ronielle approach is about causing priapism and applying mechanical load; I’m not that sure this can be called ‘Chem PE’; it is like doing pumping+jelqing+stretching and taking viagra, basically : it’s not viagra that is giving you growth, but the mechanical stress. Before-after pictures of Ronielle looks similar to before-after pumping pictures to me. And he is selling is miracolous ‘method’ if I’m not wrong. You can say I have a bias, I don’t know.

Not saying you’re biased, I just don’t know, really.. I’m researching the patent, and all the different growth factors on a cellular level seem to be there. I’m doing a bit more research, but am going to bite the bullet and try chem PE along with the manual jelqing and I will probably purchase a 24hr stretching device. I plan on documenting any change while on the regimen described in the patent. I’m having trouble tracking down a source for relaxin though. I know you used to be able to get 20mcg of relaxin in 60mg Vitalaxin, but you can’t find Vitalaxin or Biolaxin for sale anymore. Supposedly Vitalaxin is now manufactured under the name “CirQ-Life Plus” or something, but I don’t know if it contains any actual relaxin-1. The literature says nothing of relaxin content, only that the product has precursors to normal hormonal relaxin production.

Also, if you read the studies on collagen delinking due to PGE-1 or due to injesting relaxin it shows you can reshape collagen fibres. I saw this first-hand when my wife ate her placenta (it was dried by a midwife and encapsulated). I literally saw her physiology return to pre-pregnancy status.. (After the first kid, she still looked hot but looked not like an 18 yo bimbo. After kid #2 she is back to bimbo status and I am not questioning, just enjoying. So it gives me a little hope that the method might actually work. Especially with the addendum of preventing fibrosis in the collagen cells.

I also am encouraged by the reports I keep finding of “penile shrinkage” due to prolonged injection of Caverject (PGE-1) in people suffering from ED. They report a shorter erect penis length over time, which, in my head, is conducive to the idea that the caverject is causing collagen de linking, and the penis is then allowed to heal in the “un-stretched” flaccid state. It makes sense to me that if you kept your penis at the maximum flaccid length throughout the entire healing process, as opposed to allowing the penis to heal while in it’s smallest flaccid state, you would promote collagen growth, which can be further stretched after the new collagen fully heals.

Only time will tell. That time will pass, however.. Regardless if I try or not.

Do you have links to the studies about Caverject? That would be really interesting. I would expect more a thinning than a shortening as a consequence of your hypotesis though. Probably shortened state is due to fibrosis, the injection per se cause damage. Eating placenta could be an idea, maybe it can be bought somewhere. :)

There is another active Chem PE thread in case you missed, it is more experimental. Check that.

“Placenta with a salad,please”

Starting stats: 6.4" / 5.6" Current Stats: 7.4" / 5.8" Short term goal: 7" / 6" Long term goal: 8" / 6.5"

My wife ate her placenta after having our second child, and I do have to say it has some amazing regenerative effects on the vagina.. Like makes that shit 18yo bimbo status again. It didn’t happen immediately, but after about 3-4 months post delivery. I think it is quite a potent source of relaxin..

Maybe I can try to hit up all the midwifes around town and see what’s up on some placenta-purchasing.

Great. Will you eat it raw?

I am a member of a forum for guys suffering from ED. One of the sub-forums is for guys injecting different mixes of PGE1. Some have 15 plus years of injecting under their belt. However, I have yet to hear any of them mentioning a loss of length. I have personally been injecting Trimix for about 2.5 years and have gained length which I attribute entirely to PE and none to the PGE-1 in the mixture.

Start 11/09 BPEL: 5.5", EG: 4.4"

Current. BPEL: 6:4", EG: 5.5"

Originally Posted by marinera

Great. Will you eat it raw?

With some Tobasco, sure.

A new Dr. Adams protocol?

It has been along time since I last visited the board. I see that there is a new protocol from Dr. Adams. How nice! I also see that there is continued interest in Chemical PE. I also see some negative postings as to his protocol in this thread. Well, nothing is easy in PE I guess.

I also am smiling to see my original thread still being used. I guess that I can give an update since that thread is still around. I am still around, and things are fine with me. I used the protocol that I described and achieved my goals. I was hoping for an increase from 5 1/2”to 8”, and I stopped just a hair short of 8” Girth was more than adequate at 6” and I stopped there due to my getting teeth from wifey.

As my thread indicated, there are a number of disappointments along the way. Most of the active crowd developed priapisms sooner or later. Thankfully, no one was hurt, but there was concern by all for those that had that happen to them. For those that are injecting now, remember, if you do not have ED, injecting with PGE-1 can give you a priapism, and that is really bad. You MUST start out with a very, very small dose and understand that if after 4 hours, you are still erect, it is getting close to the time that you need to go to an emergency room. Granted, there is some time after 4 hours where damage to the penis does not happen, but waiting, and waiting, and waiting with hope as your only plan, is a very bad idea.

As to the validity of the protocol, others did grow on the protocol, with a few growing rather well. However, if the protocol (as done at the time) was intended to be a fool proof way to achieve PE, then the success rate was far to low, in my opinion, to be practical.

As to the new protocol from Dr. Adams, I am kind of interested to see how it progresses. It took me over 3 years to achieve my goals, so any increase in efficiency would be good news indeed.

In looking at some of the newer posts, there might be somewhat of a misconception as to what the method of action of Chem PE is. Simply stated, it is an accessory to tissue remodeling. One has to know that there will never be any tissue remodeling with out stressing the tissue. Or to say it in PE terms, Stretching is required all the time. People who inject regularly with Caverject (PGE -1) or any of the mixes do not grow at all, because they do not stretch. Relaxin, or DMSO will do nothing for remodeling without the stress (stretching). The chemical part is merely an accessory to the more standard methods of PE.

I am looking forward to following the new Chem trailblazers. I hope that the group that is together on that effort will have a higher success rate than the group that followed my thread for so long. I am really curious about why some do succeed, and others don’t. Any improvement in the success/failure rate would seem to be welcome news for all.

Hey Stage! It’s nice to see you around these parts again. I’ve picked through your thread many times (and the infamous Magforce thread) in great detail, in order to formulate some of my own ideas about all of this and how to improve upon it as an experimenter. I’m merely an enthusiast at the moment, but I’m curious to see what the future holds for both ChemPE and whatever new ideas Dr Adams may add to his own protocols. Always nice to have someone who successfully gained around.


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Thanks for the warm welcome Atmospheric. I am glad to see so many of the guys that I chatted with still being on the board.

Originally Posted by Atmospheric
Hey Stage! It’s nice to see you around these parts again. I’ve picked through your thread many times (and the infamous Magforce thread) in great detail, in order to formulate some of my own ideas about all of this and how to improve upon it as an experimenter. I’m merely an enthusiast at the moment, but I’m curious to see what the future holds for both ChemPE and whatever new ideas Dr Adams may add to his own protocols. Always nice to have someone who successfully gained around.

high praise, indeed!

Hello Iamaru, Here is my next post. I am looking forward to being the new anti-christ. Does it come with some sort of crown? Perhaps some sort of pension? Somehow, I feel that I may be disappointed. Glad that so many are still here.

Originally Posted by iamaru

Only one more post and you will become the anti-christ!

A defense of Dr. Adams?

Hi Marinera, I have been chewing on your post for a while, and while I am very sympathetic as to the posting, I think that there is more to the story. Like you, I followed MAGNUMFORCE’s thread on another board and I did not like the way that it ended. He did have a pretty good degree of credibility, as the job that he had (or at least said that he had) would be a perfect place for research.

Like you, I wondered if Magnumforce was Dr. Adams, or how they might be connected. I also wondered about Magnumforce and the patent that Dr. Adams first put forward. After being a patient of Dr. Adams, seeing his office in Toronto, and talking with him face to face for over an hour, I do not think that Dr. Adams invented anything, nor has he posted on any of the boards that PE’ ers visit. The reason for this is that Dr. Adams offers his medical history to patients, if they ask. He has been a urologist for a long time. He left a large “men’s practice” perhaps 15 years ago to work for himself. He has a nice office in Toronto, and he has a number of patients. I guess that the day that I was there, there must have been 10 guys come in in the 2 hours that I was there. I had to wait for an hour in my cubicle until Dr. Adams could get to me. My conclusion here is that he has a reasonably good practice in Toronto.

The next question that then comes up, is who DID invent the protocol. Perhaps that was Magnumforce, or perhaps he was in a group that put the patent together. However, I simply cannot see Dr. Adams doing the research that would be necessary to develop the protocol. He is just not that type of guy. Also, when I spoke with him and he gave me the references of those that had grown, he did not refer to them as his patients, it was “some guy grew X” type of thing.

And the next question is How did the patent end up with Dr. Adams. That one seems a bit easier. If one (perhaps like magnumforce, who was a university researcher) put together a patent, it would be useless unless some MD would administer it. So, the developer is forced with the problem that to make anything on their work product, it would have to go to some MD, that was willing to use it in his practice. I can see Dr. Adams in that role, and as I mentioned above, when we spoke, it was if he was saying that, although certainly not directly. So, in this case, you have a researcher, or group that if they are doing serious medical research for their bread and butter, they probably do not want to be associated with a PE program, as modern medicine tends to look down on this type of “health care.”

Then, we have Dr. Adams, who while working as a urologist,is interested in having something to offer to his patients, has the problem that he really cannot market this to the general public because it requires prescription drugs, And also, he has to maintain the appearance of simply being a typical urologist, and not someone that may have gone off the deep end and is hawking PE products, and thereby risk his medical license.

Then you have us. We are the typical PE enthusiasts that have our mind one one set of interests, but tend to not consider other interests. So, we try to reverse engineer what is on the patent, and have a good deal of difficulty in our attempts. Well, in looking at the patent again, they list success stories, but the don’t tell you how many people failed. That is another unknown. And since it is a difficult task, frustration sets in.

My take on the whole thing is that Dr. Adams merely bought the patent and is the front guy, due to his MD degree, and uses it only in his practice. Indeed, I can’t think of how he could otherwise do anything with it, but perhaps sell the technology to other MD’s and I don’t there would be a big demand there, especially for something as tenuous as the degree of success that the protocol achieves.

As to his new patent, who would not want to try the “new and improved edition?” I can’t see that it changes any of the relative positions in the matter.

Like you, the lack of a trail to follow is quite frustrating. On the other hand, if PE was as easy as going to the doc for a shot, everybody would be 10 inches long by now. I do hope that the board continues with Chemical PE, but SAFELY, as knowledge is power, and who knows what may come along.

Best regards,


Originally Posted by marinera
I’m not going to repeat what others have been said, just quote one of them for all:
“Sorry, this one may ruffle a few feathers, but no more hurt and no more rip-off’s!

Sadly, I have grown to despise the mere mention of this man’s name. I spent over two years doing research on his work and his claims. This started many years ago and I found myself embroiled in it because of a Yahoo Group I operate and blind faith in something that might have held promise.

Anyone intersted in Ken Adams needs to start their research at the U.S. Patent Office (the original patent filings end in the numbers 5159) and then follow the checkered and bizarre trail that has been left behind.

There is nothing in this that follows traditional medical proofs and research guidelines. Beware……..

I am working with several MD’s on a chemical protocol, but after following the Adams stuff to the end of the rainbow I found a bucket of lead.

I worked with a PA and we injected ourselves and tried everything in the original patent report and found everything there to be totally a fantasy falsehood. Adams posting at one time existed in about 20 places. The boards this stuff was posted on were in numbers. Suddenly, the poster retracted everything he said stating that he was deliberately deceiving everybody and at virtually the same date through a prestigious law firm in Washington D.C. specializzing in patent filings a patent filing was submitted. The patent filings are so vague as to be a joke and they are filled with infomation that is medically impossible as it is stated in the patent applications. There are many things that are brought into question if you really read these reports carefully. They read like a PE porno story and are just too “claim filled” without any photographic proof to back up the claims.
Lots of claims, no evience in the original protocol at all.

A look here seems to show that the quoted guy is right

Among the inventions:
Application number: 20120245145
Abstract: In the broadest aspect, the invention provides a composition for and a method of prophylactic and/or therapeutic treatment of a animal/mammal for any viral disease, mixed bacterial and viral infections, bacterial infections….”

So he has invented Panacea.The patent application is so vague to mean about nothing.

If anybody who has done PE will unlikely have gains from his protocol, then there is only one logical conclusion : that the gains you can have with his treatment are the same gains you can have without his treatment, and are given only by natural PE. Occam’s razor.


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