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Has anyone tried this stuff?

I tried it for a few months because I have read that it eliminates your refractory period. I took .5 mg twice a week. It didn’t really eliminate my refractory period but shortened it from several hours to about 30 minutes. It might be a placebo effect. It sort of weakened my orgasms and I also experienced insomnia while using it.

Has anyone had any success with it, and if so, what dosage were you taking?

I tried it and it had no effect except I felt a little ‘strange’. Maybe I expected way too much from it after reading up on the benefits? I think 5mg of Tadalafil and a good nights sleep maybe better. The effects differ from person to person. I have seen programs of people on it who become addicted to not only sex, but other pastimes such as gambling. In my case, I found eliminating stress had the best outcome on pleasure and arousal.


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