Dosage of L-ArginineAcne

Hey! I read you can have an intake of 1.5 g-5g but 5 is pretty extreme. I weight lift & train my body so I will be taking the supplement for 2 reasons. My question is, that I will be getting it in capsule form 2moro. I just wondered if it’s cool 2 take 4 capsule a day, 2 a time. I read it should be taken on an empty stomach & each capsule I saw from a supplement shop is 500 mg. So if I pop 2 in the morn & 1 before bed should that be cool?

I’ve read somewhere that herpes can be triggered off more intensively if you suffer from it. I was worried about Acne as I have just emotionally be put through hell with it, I just finished(around 2 weeks) my course of Roaccutane & I wondered if they are a good or bad thing to mix(Acne with L-Arginine).