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Does Semenax really have the ingredients they list

Does Semenax really have the ingredients they list

I have searched all over the net to find this answer. How can we be sure that semenax really does have the listed ingredients,also if it does what is the exact quantity of each ingredient!?

Althought it is suposed to be a really famous “More cum” pill everywhere I looked I have not found anyone that has taken these pills for a long time and has said he saw results.

When you google semenax even if you go over to the 100 search result page you still will end up at a site that promotes the product..

So common guys what is going on with this pill.Where is everyone who is taking it hidding? As it’s supposed to be so famous..

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I have no ides what is in it.

Drink lots of H2O and consider giving Arginine, (purchased in bulk online) a try.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

It’s definitely heavy marketed, for sure. I couldn’t find a forum with user reviews on this product, everything I found looked like hidden marketing. I’ve started taking zinc and Maca, I wonder if that would do it. I also take Animal Pak o training days, that should theoretically give some results.

Jason, look into Swedish Flower Pollen. That is the ‘active’ ingredient in Semenax, Ogoplex etc. Unfortunately, it is very likely underdosed in order to save money. You can find ‘the real thing’ at Ken, the owner of the site, is a great guy and all of his products are top notch. I have also found EFA’s to help considerably. You may want to check out Universal’s new product Animal Omega, it has an awesome and very thorough EFA profile.

I used Semenax for a week straight with lots of water and like I fountain I flowed.. However I recently just beat that volume record with just alot of water. So, maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t. I did drop more loads though, when I had it.


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