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Does Saw Palmetto Undercut PE Gains?

Does Saw Palmetto Undercut PE Gains?

I’m in my forties and recently started taking saw palmetto as a preventative measure to control possible prostrate growth (I have no immediate concern).

A little bit of research revealed that saw palmetto is believed to work by inhibiting DHT. That doesn’t sound so good, because I’ve also read here at Thunder’s that DHT is necessary for penile growth, at least during childhood/adolescence.

So my question for the bio brains at Thunder’s is as follows: Does saw palmetto undermine PE gains?

Before this thread is cast into the abyss, do any experts want to respond?

I don’t think DHT has much at all to do with gains after puberty, it’s all about stretching and expanding tissue.

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Well. I’m no expert on this, but years ago (pre-PE) I had an irritated prostrate. Maybe prostatitis/epididymitis combination type thing, don’t really know and am glad it’s not an issue now. Anyhow, I tried Saw Palmetto for a bit and found it did nothing along the lines of benefits for the condition. Ironically, it seemed to irritate the condition even more, something that might be more related to possible impurities in a product rather than the inherent (claimed) beneficial qualities of the product. Herbals are like that, they’re largely unregulated and I steer clear for the most part these days.

I doubt that it would really help or hinder PE gains despite whatever claims that are made about it. If your prostrate ever starts to act up, you might want to try laying off the herbals due to the fact that they may aggravate it. I realize that there are some medical reports suggesting otherwise, but this type of shit isn’t really coming out of a tightly regulated and controlled lab in most cases. How Docs recommend based on this, I don’t really know, but they seem to on alot of occasions.

Originally Posted by ModestoMan

I’ve also read here at Thunder’s that DHT is necessary for penile growth, at least during childhood/adolescence.

I agree that this works only for teenagers. DHT is not needed for adults to have penile growth. PE causes growth by mechanical stress. Hormones for growth are not needed nor helpful. I think you can take your saw palmetto without fear.

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