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Does L-Arginine work?

Originally Posted by Graal

Excuse me, I did not realize it was a joke. Do not contradict me : humor is the most difficult thing to translate.

Not being a native english speaker myself, sometimes I have trouble translating jokes, just as you pointed, so I get what you say.

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Regarding l-arginine.. I am going to start taking it, together with l-lysine, in order to boost natural production of Growth Hormone. My target was not PE, but to improve my performance in the gym. Now I see that it can also be good for my penis.. However, first of all I would like to ask you whether the effects of stronger and more frequent erections caused by l-arginine have side effects like: becoming tolerant/dependent in the long term.. ? Any insight?

Greetings from the Spanish forum.

Agamatine is the answer with citrulline added.

I took 2-1000mg pills of L-arginine yesterday and it make me feel really weird. I don’t like it.

1. My muscles ached really bad

2. It kept me up when I tried to sleep. Ended up taking benedryl to fall asleep.

3. My dick was pretty hard for sex, but it usually is.

I’m going to stay away. I think it lowered my blood pressure and that’s why I felt funny.

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Just got some l-arginine lets see how this works.

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Sometimes I’ll use Jack3d a potent pre-workout for my girth training. It definitely gets the blood going, but makes you very jittery which doesn’t help at all. Contains creatine,citrulline,beta alanine, and you become tolerant very quickly so you’d be better off with Folgers.

Originally Posted by beardick
I took 2-1000mg pills of L-arginine yesterday and it make me feel really weird. I don’t like it.

1. My muscles ached really bad

2. It kept me up when I tried to sleep. Ended up taking benedryl to fall asleep.

3. My dick was pretty hard for sex, but it usually is.

I’m going to stay away. I think it lowered my blood pressure and that’s why I felt funny.

It lowers your blood pressure.

I had a heart attack in April and it helps. Got off the lipitor and other meds and replaced them with arginine and red wheat rice.

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I have been taking L-Arginine steady for about a year now. I take 4 tablets at 3000 mg each, once each day. Noticed harder erections and more drive. I also heard it is good in helping to keep your blood pressure in the normal zone. I was wondering if this should be cycled or not. Does anyone have any idea?.

I know this is an old thread, thought I’d put up a few studies in regards to this. Quick summary is that L-Arginine and Pycnogenol (pine bark extract) seemed to significantly improve sexual function in men with erectile dysfunction. This is just a quick search and I’m not sure if there’s any research on healthy men and erection quality, I will look later. I will be purchasing these two today and see how they work. I had an incident last weekend of maintaining my erection the entire time, which was embarrassing to say the least. I’ll also be going for a screening as ED is usually an early sign of heart health issues as I’ve only just started working out again but being almost 40 (2 months) and not being active for a few years it’s probably a good thing to get checked, even if it is only a first time occurrence and too much masturbation the week prior.

Sorry for the tangent, here’s the studies:

I’ve taken pine bark extract for about 3 weeks and had slight headache as side effect. I noted better erection quality and felt like I was carrying a lump of sausage down there (the penis feels fuller).

Very interesting regarding your pine bark finding! Kinda funny, never knew the stuff existed. As far as my input in this.. I have taken L Arginine. For purposes to enhance a workout. I do have to say, there was a product I took for just a week or two that had I wanna say 2500mg of L-Argnine with other things such as Beta Aleninie and amino acids to aid muscles support and I’d get a boner on the way to the gym. So I would say, there is something to the stuff. I know in the States you can pick the stuff up for relatively cheap (L-Arnginine) even at a spendy place like GNC


I have been taking L-Arginine for 10 yrs. Swanson has the Now Brand 1 gram pills and they work for me, and if you get their e-mails they have a lot of discounts and free shipping. I have also read where you need to take for several days or weeks for it to work, but I don’t think that is true for me. There have been times where I forget to take it for weeks and then take it on an empty stomach and it really makes my erections firmer. My stomach seems to be able to handle 3 grams at one time with no problems, but I would test maybe 1 to see because it is an acid and burns if you put power in your mouth. I have read where you can take to much and create a dangerous situation because it does open up vessels. It mainly makes me firmer and a little longer as I can feel it going into her deeper. I don’t see much in helping desire or more sensitive. I am 60 now and vascular disease is big problem in the family. There have been times, I am hard as a rock and can’t cum. Yohimbe really increases my desire and everything in the subject, but it makes my heart race and I get head flushes, some are scary. It’s a drag getting older. I have been experimenting with generic cialis, levitra and viagra. I like the levitra best, then cialis. Pharmacy viagra gives me uncomfortable head flushes. I don’t see that problem with the generic from overseas. Still searching for the best solution. I will say, I think the Cialis cause me pretty bad back pain and leg cramps. I see a lot of people reporting that.

Why I like L-Arginine:

“The data demonstrate that the impaired healing subsequent to trauma/hemorrhage can be greatly alleviated by L-arginine supplementation.”

I lay down some righteous trauma on Tiger. L-Arginine, Bromelain and Tumeric make it work goooooood. :)



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Hi everyone. I am new to this site and I’m also trying to search for something that would work. Currently, I’m also thinking about trying out L-Arginine and that’s because there is a friend of mine who swears that it helps him a lot. I can’t suggest from personal experience this thing, but my friend does recommend it and I do believe him so, therefore, I recommend it to you too. Hope it would help me and you and everybody else :) I’m trying to learn about L arginine now as much as I can.

Also new to the site, and have been taking 2 capsules at 500mg L-Arginine for 2 days.
I don’t body build and I have a question..

It was purchased as 500mg capsules and the label states 1 capsule per day.
The same brand can be purchased at 1000mg, again the label states 1 capsule per day.

Now I know there are many in here who take much more than stated dose and there does not seem to be any issues with over dosing, however my prime concern is I may be doing more harm than good. Simply because both dosages of brand state 1 capsule per day.

After reading all the positive stories in this forum with regards to 2 or 3g per day, I was wondering if I can go ahead and “pop” say 1000mg in the morning and another 1000mg before bed?

Any thoughts guys?



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