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Does Extagen Work?

Does Extagen Work?

How do you think of the following website:

According to him, all the penis pill except for extagen do not work.

The visitors of this webiste who used extage seem to agree with him.

Do you think that he was sponsored by extagen or he was telling the truth?

extagen was the first pill i used—& it gave me a slight increase in girth—harder erections & more sex drive

Haha, extagen. It’s garbage. I don’t know if they still do this, but at least they used to send you their garbage sugar pills that do nothing and then they send you an exercise program that is just dangerous PE. They tell you to do stretches and erect jelqing. Unless you’re an idiot, you realize that the only thing that has the potential of working is the exercises, and thunders gives you those for free. I took extagen and it did nothing. As for seang, I doubt he actually measured the difference in erect girth. All that extagen alone may do is increase flaccid hang, but L-arginine will do that much better and for much much much cheaper. Fuck you extagen.

"[Spits on ground] Such a big cock! I love big cock." -- Gauge

Does extagen work?
Depends, do you believe in the tooth fairy?

No, it does not work.
What is with all the quick fixes the newbies are going for these days?

Extegen is good for wasting your money…period. Signed——another poor shmuck that found extegen before PE.

I think its funny that the first two posts on this thread were from brand new members (this being their first post)!!!! LMAO

Not that I’m a veteran on here myself, but I agree. All “Penis Enlargement pills” are generally crap.

Fuck Extagen. All it does is make you really horny. Only youll still have a little dick, not a lot of lady friends (if your shy) and a stronger urge to use the little guy with nowhere but the shower. Really sucks.

ya extagen does suck, im currently taking it and havent noticed shittt

Hey stubock, do they still send you that page with exercises?

"[Spits on ground] Such a big cock! I love big cock." -- Gauge

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