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Does anybody know

Does anybody know

Does anybody know or have any info on tarutao.
Does it work.
Is it something that we are probably already doing. is the website
Any info would be appreciated

Its not a little pecker, Its an anal probe

OOPS!!! Never looked in this thread before, sorry, you have probably already bought that e-book
You might want to read droopys muscle control post in the BS section. I wouldn’t pay $20 for a little e-book. Expect that its basic mind/body control, watered down Tantra, etc. Just as there are pay sights for “ancient Arabic penis enlargement secrets, now reveled for the first time!!!”. Doesn’t meen that it wouldn’t help you if you are brand new to the stuff, but I firmly believe its nothing new, and, if you are creative with a search engine, free on the web. If you would rather spend the 20 than spend the time searching go ahead.
Sounds like you have some interest, so search for “tantra”, “tantric sex”, “sacred sex”, etc. Oh, shit, just ran a search on Tantra, and things have changed in the year or so sense Iv done that, shit load of crappy pay sights and adds now. You might wanna spend the 20, but Ill bet you will still end up hunting on the web for other stuff.

Things you can do with Tantra: last as long as you want and have your partner lit up like a Christmas tree the whole time. Have orgasm after orgasm before you ejaculate. Give women orgasms that last, quite literally, for hours.

Running a Massive Co-Front.


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