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Do those PE pills work at all?

Do those PE pills work at all?

I just wanted to know whether those PE pills they advertise are any good because I am currently topping out at just over 6 inches. I am looking for a thicker penis rather than a longer one, but would not say no to any.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks again

Cossie 1818

Hi Cossie nice to meet you,

The PE pills will help increase circulation and make you more horny. This can be a benefit when you do PE exercises but the ingredients are available at a fraction of the cost in alternate formulations.

Either do a little research in this forum on the ingredients or check out some of the cheaper formulations like Male Response. Other options include generic viagra (Sildenafil).

What these things will do is help you keep a good erection during excercises which if you have a problem with sloppy erections can help. What they won’t do is increase your size on their own.

If you are getting sloppy erections or a failing sex drive it probably makes sense to look at your diet before you start looking at supplements to complement the bits your diet is missing out on, though the placebo effect of taking a pill with the intention of getting a bigger is not to be sniffed at.

Hope that helps.

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I saw a penis pill that was nothing but NO (nitric oxide). All it would do is give you a boner. They say 2 to 3 inches in a couple of months guaranteed. I am guessing that is the difference between flaccid and erect state. Yup, its guaranteed if you count your flaccid measurement.

No, the penis pills do not work. Especially for the price they are, you would expect to gain at least 3”. I got no return and was out of $90. So, be careful when buying those products. It seems no one else had success with them either.

Willy B

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