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Do pills like ExtenZe work

Do pills like ExtenZe work

I see the adds for things like extenze and extramax and they seem like they actually work, is it true?


Look below is a short selection of threads already on here about penis pills. No pills you can buy will make your dick bigger - they might make your flaccid hang better, but you can find cheaper stuff in this section : Supplements

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No, many of the members here have at some point or another tried these pills, and all they do is increase sexual urges (which isn’t a bad thing, but doesn’t end in penis enlargement). You can look at the back of the bottle and see many of the items in there are things that people here take separately, because they can be healthy while doing P.E. Some people do however mistake penis enlargement with better erection quality from the pills (which make it look a little fuller). If you truely want a larger penis, then it takes hard work and dedication through P.E., however if you are still looking for suppliments to add to your routine then I personally suggest L-arginine. 3.50 for 50 pills at wal-mart and I’m taking 2g 3 times a day and it’s helping a lot. It aids with cell regeneration and increased vascular function. Hope this helps (btw l-arginine is one of the main ingredients in most of those pills you see anyway, and this way is much much cheaper)



If they worked, the average penis size would be 8 inches.

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Originally Posted by yogi777

I see the adds for things like extenze and extramax and they seem like they actually work, is it true?

Weeeellll… you do understand that Smiling Bob isn’t a real person, right? Those are commercials, not brief insights into Bob’s life. ;)

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