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Do any of you smoke marijuana? (pe related)

weed relax

I do smoke weed every day, and I always do before sex or between sexual intercorse, It make me relax. When I fuck I always think in satisfy a woman and make her cum before me. When I smoke weed before sex I think more in my pleasure.

I do think weed give me more control over my ejaculation. When I smoke I always ask her: “Can I cum now ?” if she say yes, I cum in a minunte. It´s more dificult to control my ejaculation if I don´t smoke.

Ever tried watching porn after smoking a bit ?

It can be awesome, like you re into it 110 %

I guess jelqing with a bit of weed could be really brilliant, too

Gotta be cautious, though: If i smoke to much i feel insecure and anxious,

because I m not 100 % in control of things. Have to learn the right amount for me, i guess

I smoke cigarettes and weed, daily and its made to stops in my gains.

"Confidence is a hell of a drug!"


I haven’t read most of this, but i’ll tell you, as much as you want to believe me, cannabis before and after working out has toned me up like crazy, unlike anything else, reduces body fat, dont believe me, try it… i think it could be how im gaining after only 3 weeks, my dick finally reaches my belly button, and my erections are.. wow. lol.

Marijuana widens your veins which gives you an increased flow of blood, and it relaxes your muscles. It has many good effects, aswell as bad ones.

Good luck with your gains people!

Time is valuable and so is a suitable penis, so use it wisely (your penis that is.)

Girthmanofxmas (great name, by the way!):

Do you mean smoking weed with working out in the GYM ?

I never tried that, and i guess I d be afraid to start giggling or make strange remarks when people ask something…. on the other hand, I might feel REAL strong and muscular and work out like hell ?

I d like you to describe the feeling and so on…

(The thing with the body fat reduction: Dont you get HUNGRY from weed ?)

Hey, thanks for posting back, you do feel the workout a lot more, you dont giggle while sweating with pain, lol. But i did have a wacky convo with the gym instructer once, but i wont go into that, lol.

And yes, incase you aint realised, i meant working out in the gym. I done 30 sit ups a night for a month, and if you eat the same amount as before, not getting munchies (which is the body burning up the energy, searching for something sweet) and i got my six pack with too little effort to have normally seen gains. So you must resist this urge to eat more. Remember, not sweet stuff, just solid dinners and protein, mmmmm, lol.

Time is valuable and so is a suitable penis, so use it wisely (your penis that is.)


I’m so glad I finally discovered the wonders of Mary Jane 2 years ago (I’m 34). It makes for amazing sex/stroking. For me it makes porn pictures and dvd’s look like they are in 3d, and that I the stars are actually in the room with me. If I’ve gotten some really good hydro, I can look in the mirror at my cock, and see not my reflection but myself actually standing there in front of me; both of them seem real, and I can feel what my reflection is doing, so it feels like I’m stroking my cock twice (if that makes sense). Also, if I watch a stroking dvd, it seems as if the cock on TV is actually mine, and I can feel what the hand on tv is feeling. The first time I smoked, I actually smelled cigarette smoke when an actor lit one up on the screen.

And it’s while smoking that I can see my cock in the mirror and see it as a stranger sees it, and for the size that it really is (which is great for your esteem, because I think we all tend to underestimate our own size and see other cocks as bigger, even when the measurements are the same).

Shit man smooth8 I want some of what you’ve been smokin :D

I’m gonna roll myself a real phat one when I get home and stick on some porn, as you’ve just reminded me how good a little bit of stoned self loving is :D

Cannabis stimulates the heart to beat faster and harder and simulates a good cardio vascular workout. The effects are increased ability to lose fat, so long as you don’t give in to the munchies and eat well.

Try to smoke the cannabis with as little tabacco added as possible as this gives the joint an unwanted addictive quality, plus many harmful toxins. Tabacco will restrict blood flow to the penis and cannabis will increase the blood flow. If you want the benefits without the downsides, smoke the cannabis without tabacco at all. Either buy a pipe, vapouriser or make your joints much smaller in size to account for it all being cannabis inside. You can’t smoke a big fat joint if it’s 100% cannabis. Unless you buy apalling weed. You couldn’t with northern lights/skunk etc.

I suggest smoking as little cannabis as will do the job, because your body will adabt and need stronger doses in time. If you start getting high on big fat 100% cannabis joints, where do you go when your body adabts to it? That could make it a very expensive and less healthy arrangment. Start with miniscule 100% cannabis joints, maybe only smoking half of it and saving the other half for another time. The best and easiest way to use small doses is with a pipe or vapouriser.

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.

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Pure Pipe Smoker over here! And I did experience good work outs on cannabis in my teens! I came home from the gym where I was pumping with my friends for two hours or so - and my father used to say “Boy, it really shows that body work out is really good for you. You’re so relaxed and seem so happy” :rolling:

No wonder, with that cannabis washed through the hole body while an intense work out :D

For the time being I am trying ephedrine for work out purposes. It’s different, but it’s fun!

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KPR 0.072 @ Dec. 4, 2003

L born, ephedrine is not a safe supplement to take. It can cause heart palpitations and extreme anxiety. Some of the side effects are potentially permanent. Sinaphrine is a healthier option with similar effects to ephedrine.

If you do decide to take ephedrine, it is important to take it for no more than 2 months in a row. You should also know that ephedrine is an amphetamine, and will therefore restrict blood flow to the penis.

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.

Thank’s for your input! Sounds worth to do more research on it. I only started to take ephedrine once in a while (like two times per week). But I’ll read a bit more about it. I only do 30mg of ephedrine at once, I couldn’t see any shrinkage on this dose, while I am well aware of an amphetamine shrinked dick ;) Thank’ s again!

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KPR 0.072 @ Dec. 4, 2003

Ephedrine……I took that at a full moon party in Thailand, washed down with a good dose of Thai Red Bull Extra and a shit load of Sam Song. Good night :D :D :D

ForMeAndMyWife, that’s were I’ve been introduced to Ephedrine as well. Full Moon Party on Kho Phangan in March 2000. A farang girl told us to go and get some “diet pills” in the pharmacy. The pills did a great job with Lipovitan (Japanese kind of Red Bull) and -as you said - Sam Song. Opps, off topic, sorry :(

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KPR 0.072 @ Dec. 4, 2003

L Born, the weed’s not bad either………there we go, back on topic :)


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