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DMSO timing


Just a bit more research…

A 1999 plastic surgery study(9) is of interest to PD(Pyrones). DMSO is used in a surgical technique called tissue expansion, which is used when there is inadequate tissue to fill a surgical need. After applying DMSO in the technique process, the tissue treated is capable of being stretched beyond its usual limits. This demonstrates the ability of DMSO to be absorbed into the skin and to reduce the connective tissue contraction that normally limits stretch potential, via fibrous tissue infiltration.

Similarly, Vinnik reported(10) in 1987 the use of DMSO to soften collagen during surgery, permitting degrees of immediate tissue stretching or expansion previously unknown. In this application a combined use of topical and intravenous DMSO was used for the first time. He discussed the clear advantage of this technique over other surgical reconstructive techniques.

Taken from (http://www.peyronies-disease-help.c…atmentdmso.html)

Seems I may have found my way to mimic the chemical pe system without using needles..

Will start tonight.. I am proposing air-clamping then applying DMSO to keep the chemical within my unit for as long as possible, considering how quickly it moves around the system trying to keep as much of it within my unit may magnify it’s effects on the collagen in the tunica.. 10 mins in clamp with heat, break and stretch for 5, reapply and 10 mins in clamp with heat, break and stretch for 15 - cooldown. Will see how I bounce back between sessions before determining an optimal days on/off sequence.. Will have the cialis here by the end of the week to turbo-charge the clamping if necessary..

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I’ve played once or twice with applying prior to pumping or ADS, and am very interested in applying prior to a hanging session, so the Peyronie article is of great interest.

So as I understand it, the effective period for DMSO transdermal transport is while wet only.

A cursory search hasn’t given me any indication of how long it takes after application for the DMSO to soften the collagen- anyone?


Somewhere in the article it mentioned 30 minutes, I will have to reread.. It doesnt mention how long the collagen is effected for though. Using DMSO in conjunction with an ADS, if we could get the collagen to soften for an extended period, (perhaps with POTABA supplementation as well), could give us the mechanism to induce length gains in the tunica without ever having to resort to PGE-1 with it’s inherent risks. Duplicating the effect of IGF-RL1 is a different thing - DMSO with DHT may be the way to go there.. More research I think.

I work in a lab so maybe I can grab a couple of cc’s of DMSO to help test this theory out. This sounds very interesting

Originally Posted by androNYC
So as I understand it, the effective period for DMSO transdermal transport is while wet only.

Yes, but make sure that your skin is scrupulously clean and rinsed before you apply the DMSO.

Originally Posted by ismellzesty
I work in a lab so maybe I can grab a couple of cc’s of DMSO to help test this theory out. This sounds very interesting

Check the analysis first.

I’m really interested in trying this out when I get back to the UK.

Is there anything I should be reading OTHER THAN the Chemical PE progress thread by stagestop?

Just a question. Where does it say anything about DSMO having any effect on collagen? I seem to get only that it is an analgesic, anti-inflammatory and drug delivery cream.

Be sure you are not only experiencing the analgesic effect and therefore overdoing it. And the effects seem to be skin deep.

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Originally Posted by Priapologist

I use DMSO for cell-culture work in the lab and the stuff is pretty safe. It takes only seconds to penetrate the skin and you will taste/smell the odor within a few minutes depending on the concentration and quantity applied. As for co-transport of other compounds, as soon as your skin is dry it is safe to put other things on your skin.

I would be interested in hearing about your experience.


So, if I am understanding correctly, the solute carried by the DMSO is also absorbed within seconds?

Are there any safer/leven less toxic transdermals, albeit maybe ones with a slower transport time, or decreased efficiency when using solutes with molecular weights between 350-400?

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I sometimes use DMSO for pain. Just make sure the area applied to is clean. Rinse soap of extremely well please. DMSO is a solvent and penetrant. Even after it is dry it can still pull other chemicals through the skin. Not sure how long this effect lasts but I would wait at least an hour before wearing cloths after applying. Do not use any other type of chemical on your hands and then touch or rub the DMSO area. It will pull that other chemical into your bloodstream.

This is a miracle product but it does not mean it is without potential dangers. Read up on it. Follow the rules of it’s safe use.


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