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DHT cream - androgel

DHT cream - androgel


After looking at the various DHT threads on this site I looked around for some androgel or some transderal 4AD, it is much easier to get hold of androgel than transderal 4AD (check out this site for androgel:

To start a new and possibly easier method of PE, I am proposing those on this site with experience of DHT and topical creams help out those who want to know (me for one!) about this method of PE. Any recent (double underlined) testing results, and if possible a good website link would go a long way. I know that most PE’ers here do not want to risk PE via hormones, but it might be worth the risk if the benefits are great enough.

DHT and Testosterone is two different hormones. That gel says it is Testosterone, is there a pure DHT option available?

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG

There is no evidence that I am aware of that topical testosterone or DHT promote penis growth other than in those who have not developed due to lack of hormones. If you are a normal post-adolescent male, topical testosterone or DHT will not make you larger, either on its own or in conjunction with PE exercise.

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