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Hi guys I am finally starting pe. Does anyone here take DHEA? Have you had any good results with it ? If so how much were you taking and are there any side effects I’m 55 years old.

I’d suggest starting with a search for DHEA, Gladiator1, to find relevant threads.

If you do an Advanced search, use DHEA as the keyword, search titles only, show results as threads, and specify the Supplements forum, you’ll get a couple threads to look at while you’re waiting for others to chime in with more recent experiences.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

I tried it. It did nothing for me sexually. I did notice slightly thicker, darker hair on my forearms. Slightly improved sense of well being. I varied the amounts over about a year. At 200mg a day was when I had those side effects above.

That said, there are some men it appears to improve erection quality. Perhaps you being 55 you may experience just that? I have read that in a small amount of men supplemental DHEA will convert into testosterone. For most of us it will convert into 5AR.

Do not worry about it converting into estrogen. The only way that could happen is if it first converted into testosterone.

I’ve been taking 100mg DHEA for 10 years, after reading Cherniske’s book about DHEA. Still alive. I would say the effect is positive but then again I am taking a lot of other supplements and working out (which builds T).

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