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Anyone use it?

That is one of the first “prohormone” supps that came out. I would not bother with it unless you are 65 + years of age, or are a female. Women have had good results with it. Most men who try it are very dissapointed. It takes two steps to convert to testosterone as opposed to 1 with androstendiol.

Just wondering cause I saw it real cheap.

For a good reason too. I could give you some good recommendations if you pm me with your experience and goals, stats.

I have used 7-keto DHEA. It’s non-androgenic and good for cutting.

7-keto is a whole other animal, also it is not cheap.

I’m thinking about running an M1T cycle, but there are two problems:\

A) I’m in Canada, and when I did get to go down south, I couldn’t find it anywhere. This summer I should be able to get some through a PO box, but right now I’m too far from the border.

B) I’m worried about PCT. I’ve heard you can get Nolvadex for “Research Purposes”, but I haven’t found any sources yet.

At 41, I’ve been taking it for about 5 years…it keeps my hormones in check, but I can only take 25mg per day…any more and my prostate swells and hurts my lower back…I get 25mg time release from GNC…very inexpensive, too…If youare after a test boost, try 1-AD from ErgoPharm..I’ve heard it’s the shiznit…I’ve got an old cycle I’m taking, as soon as it’s gone, I’m buying it…

Wow, I am glad the DHEA is working for you. You may be better off using a small dose of 4-AD however. The reason is that it is less likely to convert straight to DHT (which is what would hurt your prostate). The 1-AD is not really a “test booster”. Actually if you take only 1-AD for a month or so, you will most likely lose some of your sex drive and be lethargic due to your own natural test production being shut down. Always stack whatever you use with some 4-AD/test and you will be much more comfortable.

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