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Detoxication cure

Detoxication cure

For those interested in Detoxication, this is my experience from an 8-day cure.
In my case, I’ve undergone the famous “Glauber Kur” which is named after this guy and his famous “Glauber Salz”

What is needed:
- 100g Glauber salt, also called “Natriumsulfat - Decahydrat” (100g is plenty - cost: about 2 EUR)
what it does: it cleans the shit out of your intestines, especially the toxic shit
- a certain drug called Mariendistel, lat. Herba Cardui Mariae concis (100g is plenty - cost: about 4 EUR)
what it does: it cleans your blood by binding radicals and stimulating the liver during the cleansing process.
- herbal infusions (no tea) for a good 15 - 20 liters
- fruit juice, about 16 liters
- fresh fruit for additional fresh squeezed fruit juice
- lots of veggies, to make a good 1-2 liters of broth out of them
!!! fruit, fruit juice and veggies should be of organic origin, “organic” meaning certainly without toxical treatments!!!
- if you’re living in a metropolitan area, get about 25 liters of clean water

And that’s your daily routine

- 3 glasses of lukewarm water. Dissolve 3-5 teaspoons of Glauber salt in the first glass. The first day, you’d want to take some more, so have about 5-6 teaspoons, the last day of the cure about 2-3. Stir the salt until the solution is visibly clear of salt particles, and swallow. Drink glass 2 and 3 to get rid of the salty-bitter aftertaste.
- Drink some fruit juice throughout the morning. Ensure working paths directing to the loo are free of obstacles.
- Ideally squeeze some fruit juice yourself. Fresh orange juice is superb! Make sure the squeezed juice is perfectly fluid. There should be absolutely no fruit flesh in it.
- Have some herbal infusions when hungry

- Peel the veggies, cut them and boil them on low flame for not more than 30 minutes. Add some (normal) salt and some mild spices to add some taste. You may add some meat (organic!) to add some taste, but you may not eat it!
Make sure the broth is perfectly fluid. You only drink what fits through a fine sieve. bon appetit!
- have a glass of fruit juice

- Give the dried blossoms of Herba Cardui Mariae concis in 1-2 liters of water, let it boil up once, and drink it hot or cold. That’s pretty much the same as your herbal infusion. You should be finished with the amount you’ve boilt up by the end of the evening
- have some more juice

Somewhere in between:
- have a walk
- have about 45mins of light sport, e.g. cardio, swimming, light weight training

- boil up about 1 liter of herbal infusions, drink it
- have some fruit juice
- you can have some more broth if you want, or squeeze some more fruits. If you’re hungry, drink! That’s about all.

During these 8 days you can’t have:
- “solid” nutrition (same for burgers, no exceptions!)
- cigarettes
- alcohol
- tea, coca cola, coffee, etc,. i.e. coffeine
- too high doses of sugar
- drugs
- anything not mentioned in here
- stay off non-organic ‘drinks’, fruit or veggies.
- dirty water. I wouldn’t trust the piss coming of the tap in most metropolitan areas

All too often you’ll feel hungry, which is more than normal. In that case, just drink lots! That really helps.

The day after the cure: start light on food. Some cornflakes, some fruit (now you can eat them)

You won’t end up superman afterwards, but trust me, you’ll feel good. Congratulations, you’re pure again, and you got rid of most of the shit in your body! It’s also good for definition, though this is not thought as a conventional diet, but as it says as detoxication. Hope that helps!

Good luck,





There are also ready made detox products available at health food stores and the ingrediants are in taking just a couple of tablets a day. I’ve done a detox before, but stopped after a few days when I suddenly felt like I had developed the flu or something. That was probably a good indication it was working, and would have subsided (probably, but how could I be sure it wouldn’t have gotten worse), but I couldn’t deal with the awful feeling and discontinued it. I haven’t been feeling my best lately, and intend to give it another try. I’m not willing to hunt down all those items separately, and will simply pop ready made pills again.

Thanks Doubleweener,

That’s really interesting. I’m going to have to Google on most of the things you mention (Glauber salt, Mariendistel etc) because they are totally new to me.


>I’m not willing to hunt down all those items separately, and will simply pop ready made pills again.<

Pop a pill to make your dick bigger while you are at it ;) I’m so jaded by reading about the detox industry, I’m not sure I’d believe any of it, especially if it comes in pill form.

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What about them has jaded you?
I hate that the alternative stuff is unregulated, and full of quacks. Trying to separate the valid from invalid, the uncertainty involved.

I’d overdose on penis pills.

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I’ve been doing the yearly detox stuff for nearly 20 years using herb formulas. The best I have used to date is Cleansesmart…eansesmart.html

It comes in two bottles, phase I and II. One is for the morning and two is for the evening. I have never taken anything any better. Beware, however, once you reach the 3 - 4 pill per phase period you are going to need to be near a restroom. It is a true cleanser. The most effective application is laid out in the literature that comes in the box. The instructions on the bottle will not get the job done, but the program laid out in the literature will clean you out.

Periodically I have to take Nexum for acid reflux. If I am on the detox supplements the nexum will not last 24 hours. Cleansesmart is so effective that it removes the nexum!

I highly recommend this product. It’s the best I’ve used, and I’ve used many through the years.


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Victims of the pharma-industry, huh?

…and proud of it, as I can see!

so you eat the shit sold at McDonald’s and Burger King, at Whimpy’s or Subway’s, you drink the coke which is pure acid sugar, you smoke the shit sold by Marlboro and Camel, and then you expect the same type of corporate crooks to sell some nice lil’ wonder pills that make you feel better after all.




I would be afraid of taking any of this stuff, I might melt like the Witch in the Wizard of Oz from the inside out. I have ulcerative colitis so I am worried my ass might go supernova from this. I don’t want to go back to the good old days of shitting on the side of the road again.

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