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She’ll never know until she tries. Does anyone have any better ideas?

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Invest the time and do a serious web crawl on psych meds in general and whatever a doc might prescribe in particular. Make a point of finding both pro and con articles, forums, linklists, etc. For some people the right Rx really can be a magic bullet. For others it is a very bad thing. As lots of guys have pointed out having a really good, insightful, experienced doc can make the difference. In other words having $$$ makes a difference.

Keep in mind that trauma based disorders, especially child hood trauma, can’t be “fixed” with a pill. The right meds, under the care of the right doc, can make a world of difference for dealing with emotional stuff… so that she can deal with getting therapy. Once again, getting the right therapist makes a world of difference. Also, it’s not uncommon for survivors of childhood trauma to take a year or more in therapy before they even begin to start opening up.

Best of luck

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