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Creatine Question

Creatine Question

Is it true that you really don’t have to “load” creatine when you first start taking it?

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Very true, thats the only parts that actually bad for you…skip it

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Bad how, it just lets you saturate your muscle’s faster then maintain

The most common regimen for creatine supplementation follows a two-phase cycle with a 5-10 day loading phase (20-25 g/day) followed by a variable length maintenance phase (2-5 g/day)to maintain muscle saturation. It is unclear, however, whether the loading phase is actually
needed to achieve the same end result. Creatine absorption appears to be enhanced when the supplement is taken with a high-carbohydrate drink such as fruit juice.

Is it Necessary to Load on Creatine?

No it is not necessary to load but it can help you see results faster. You see to get the full benefit of creating you must saturate your muscle cells with it. Using a small dose (5g), this will take up to thirty days depending on the individual’s lean body mass. However using a loading dosage of 15-25g per day for 5 days, one can quickly saturate the muscle cells in this time period and then use a maintenance dosage (3-5g) for the remainder of their time taking creatine. (Recent research shows that a loading phase longer than 3 days is useless

I would say go ahead and pre-load it.

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I’ve gone on and off Creatine cycles for the past few years and do notice an added benefit when loading. However, I never load the recommended amount. About half the recommendation is my general rule. I don’t know if it’s been bad for me, just that it helps.

I’ve been wondering because I’m trying to follow a low sugar/carb diet, and loading creatine (5 servings a day) would be really wack because of all that fruit juice I’d be drinking. That shit has a lot of calories, man! I know you could take creatine with water, but for some reason I don’t think it works as good, plus on top of that, it tastes digusting. If I drink it with juice, then it’s only once, and only after a workout.

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There are two alternatives for creatine intake. Either take 20-25 grs for four days for load up then switch to 5 gr/day maintenance dosage or just take 5 gr/day without load up phase, but the same energy effect will be reached after a month intake period. IOW, by the first method, you reach to a peak creatine level in the muscles by 4-5 days in contrast to the second method that takes a full month to reach that creatine level. It’s up to you to which one to choose. I personally choose the first option always.

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I actually took it without loading and with a loading cycle I felt that trembling sensation before hitting the gym and got my extra UMPH on the first day without loading. I doubt it was all in my head. I took it an hour before and by the time I was ready to hit the weights boy I tell you what I was ready! Creatine seems to really help out on exercises which you use large muscles for example: squats, back etc…

No loading or cycling is required for creatine.

Well from what I hear it is recommended that you have a loading phase when taking
Your creatine especially with regular monohydrate but it’s probably best to ease into it anyway

Different types of creatine such as ethyl ester suggest that it is absorbed so well
That a loading phase is not required, but I’ve never tried it myself

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