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Creatine + Arginine?

Creatine + Arginine?

At vitamin world last night, the guy tried to tell me that the two interfere with eachother. I had a very hard time swallowing this (no pun intended). He said many members came in and said they cycled the NoX2 and off of it when they cycled onto creatine. The reasoning was that NoX2 “forces more blood” into the muscles and creatine “forces more water” into the muscles, and all it would really do is result in the two competing and “stretching out your muscles too much”….

Some of the terminology he used was humorous and I know that this isn’t exactly accurate, however, is there any truth whatsoever? Could the two interfere with eachother? I’m planning on taking them together in my lifting routine starting next week, and taking protein shortly after my workout to ensure that the lysine and arginine don’t interfere with eachother.

Well I never really listen to or ask advice from those guys. Your best bet is to research it on your own online. I’m not really sure about the matter but I had some weird things happen to me when I started taking Arginine and I happened to be on creatine at the time. This was my first time taking Arginine so I can’t assume that it was some kind of reaction between the two that caused me problems but who knows. I posted a thread about it here Strange L-Arginine Experience so you might want to read about my experience.

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I’ve been on arginine and never noticed that, but never considered the two together might have an effect.

What I’m considering doing is taking only one of the two recommended doses of nox2 on days that I take creatine, though that may be pointless.

I really doubt that you will have too much trouble. Like I said in my thread there is no way for me to make any conclusions, but what you should do is maybe try to google and find out if the two chemicals act along the same pathways. Also I’m not certain but I did feel thirstier on Arginine + Creatine than when I was on just creatine, so you might want to drink even more water than you do on just creatine. I was getting well over a gallon a day and was still thirsty.

Start (6/23/04): 7.25 BPEL X 4.75 EG As of (7/12/05): 8.00" BPEL X 5.00" EG Midshaft (5.25 base) Short Term Goal: 8.0 BPEL X 5.25 EG Midshaft Long Term Goal : 8.5 BPEL X 6.0 EG

That guy from Vitamin World is a quack. Did you ever wonder why when you buy a creatine powder that arginine is in there too? No, not until now.

They work hand in hand with eachother. Arginine acts as a transport for creatine. Creatine attaches to sugars which are carried in your BLOOD STREAM which is taken to your muscles. THEN creatine brings water into the situation. Basically if you take arginine/NO2 with creatine, creatine gets to your muscles faster.

Arginine also increases creatine production in the body.

But I’ll also note that when I stopped taking creatine, my erections suddenly became even more intense, as though the NOX2 was doing more, but this could be attributed to other factors, so I can’t say precisely.

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Looks like a good chance for experimentation then. I’m going to try both at first, taking twice the usual creatine until it builds up in my system. I’ll go for a 6 week cycle on the NoX2 and creatine, then the next cycle I start will be just NoX2.

Keep us informed on that Kaiowas. I’d like to see how you do with it. I take some L-Arginine right now and i’m thinking about trying creatine but not in excess. I’ll take the creatine on lifting days once before I lift. And i’ll keep my 2000mg of arginine per day the same.

When I get to school I’ll post details of how much I take of each and what brand creatine it is…just fedex’d it all off today.

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