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Cream increasing blood flow


O_o are we talking about enlarging your dick or cooking it?

"Men are gifted with two heads, sadly they do not

have enough blood to run

both at the same time" by anonymous

Originally Posted by pulacalului
I tried another product yesterday, it’s a chinese oil intended for blood flow restoration. I couldn’t understand anything on the prospect, so I just applied it. I’ve almost passed out because of the terrible burning sensation (it actually felt like my dick and balls were on fire, and I couldn’t even scream, we had some guest that evening). I had to keep my dick under an ice cold shower for about 10 mins and constantly wash it with soap until the burning sensation went away.
And yeah, my dick became red and the veins got fully engorged, but that was the most terrifying moment my dick got through (even more terrifying than the without anesthetic stitching I had a couple years ago, when I got circumcised and the stitches broke).

I speak Chinese. I will translate for you.

“Grasshopper, do not put on penis for fires of dragon’s breath will reign down on your manhood!”


Well, I don’t think I’ll ever need any translation for that, I’ll never try it again.

Originally Posted by kingdong69
OMG my penis is on fireeeeeee aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I just tried it man, I’m finding it haard to type at the moment but I mixed yoghurt milk and cayene. OMG this really stings!! I rubbed it into my glans and it’s burning, geez!!

Is this supposed to give me a hardon now or is it a longterm improvement??


Jerry Lee Lewis wrote a song about cayenne on his dick,think it was called “Great Balls of Fire”.


I was going to order some of that transdermal diabetics cream but it has wheat germ oil in it:(

I’m gluten intolerant:(

Putting cayenne pepper on your cock? Are you really that crazy? Reminds me of the last time I made a habanero sauce for jerk chicken and didn’t wear rubber gloves. Believe me, I will never do that again. After 2 hours of balls on fire, wanting to die, please God, make this burning go away after taking a piss. Yeah, right, just rub cayenne pepper on your cock, I dare you!

“Oh, and one disclaimer - it is clearly marked on the box - Not for use on the genitals.”

Ok, I’ll bit. What’s bad about L-Arginine on your genitals?

Maybe they are talking about vaginas?

Any comments?

To the dude who put cayenne pepper on his unit. You are braver than I!

Maybe this will give a better idea of what you did. :p

Chile Pepper Heat Scoville Scale

Is there anything that can give you a fat full 10 EQ? That isn’t prescribed?

Bone Pressed ERECT: 7.0 inches

Girth:5.0 inches at hardest(most erect)

Width 1 7/8 inches

Originally Posted by bluto
I speak Chinese. I will translate for you.

“Grasshopper, do not put on penis for fires of dragon’s breath will reign down on your manhood!”


LMAO, one of the best threads I’ve read in here lol.
So, nobody else dared to try kingdong recipe?


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