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Cranberry and L-Arginine

Cranberry and L-Arginine

Well I did it. I picked up my 100 pills of 1000mg L-Arginine on EBay the other day. The brand is Jarrow(?). I was wondering what would be a good dosage to start with and what should I gradually increase it to. I’m 18 years old, 5’10, and 155 pounds if that helps.

Oh yeah, has anyone tried cranberry supplements? I hear it promotes a good urinary tract. If you have tried it let me know I’m curious. Maybe it’s a possible supplement for general penis health? You tell me!!



Current: (3/06/06) 5.5" x 4" (+.25EL!!) / Short term goal: 6.5" x 4.75"

Milestone 1: 7.5" x 5.25"

Ultimate Goal: Being happy with the size of my penis.

I did 5000mg of L-Arginine a day as well as L-Ornithine ans L-Lysine. These are amino acids, as you probably already know. I cut it all down to 3000mg a day since they were giving me the shits (that is a side effect). Now, I do workout and light weight lifting to tear muscle somewhere in my body so that the Amino acids can help in other places other than my dick. You need to be careful if you are just using these to enlarge your penis. Not sure if this is really true but I will take this guy’s word for it. I was told, and maybe someone can help with this or tell me that he is full of shit, but you need to get at least another kind of workout (bicept curls) so that the aminos can be more effective everywhere. If you opt on not doing another type of exercise that build muscle, then you have to lay off on the surgar, because your blood surgar level can appear as though you have diabetic condition.

Can somebody else from the forum please clear this or help with this, am I on the right track? because I am not really sure if this is totally true. There is more to this because he really got in depth with this, that I can not remember all that he said. He is a trainer (which doesn’t mean shit).


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