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They’re selling them in Tesco now. I quite like them and had nearly a whole packet in one day. When it came to solo nocturnal delights my errection was huge I also shot when I normally dribble. I’ve read cranberries improve blood circulation - I used to drink the juice but it appears in natural form they are a whole load more effective.

Natural > juice

Unless you can find some organic cranberry juice, I’d stick with the actual fruit. Juices these days have so many preservatives and it is mostly high fructose corn syrup.

Is ocean spray no good as a cranberry juice??

Or grow some cranberries in your garden (if you have one).


So what form of cranberries did you consume that increased your cum loads and libido? Did you eat fresh raw cranberries or cooked or dried cranberries?

Trader Joe’s has very good real cranberry juice for $3.99 a quart. They have real pomegranate and blueberry for the same price. But, they’ve also started carrying this new aronia berry juice. Aronia berries supposedly have more anti-oxidants than any other berry, and have the same artery relaxing property as pomegranate and cranberry.

We had a discussion of pomegranate’s benefits here. ‘Looks like I was pimpin’ for Trader Hoe’s back then too.

I have seen cranberry supplements at Wal-mart and Longs, I wonder if that would be as good as dried or whole berries.

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