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I was just wondering if Taking Creatine Monohydrate could have beneficial effects on Penis Enlargement????

Maybe it’s just stupid but…

Anyone knows scientific facts about it?


—- Today’s Measures20cm/8inches Bone Pressed.

Going for 23cm/9.2inches NON Bone Pressed.

Yeah, I’m sure this has been studied scientifically! :D

You’re not the first person to bring up Creatine. Maybe a search would be in order?

Ask estatic…he and stillwantmore were discussing it yesterday, but mainly about bodybuilding. Maybe they would have some input.

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MDC I didn’t mean scientific facts like there is a book about PE or something. (That’d be great)
I mean the kind of facts from a person who’s PEing and also has knowledge of some kind in this specific area.

I did search for this topic here but just like anna nimity says, it’s only about body building, as far as I could read, and not applied to Peing.


Well I used creatine for two months, maybe more when I played rugby. I was 17 and I thought I was 6.75” NBPEL. Checked a few months ago (now almost 19) and I was 6.25” NBPEL.


Creatine draws water into tissue, perhaps this could help? Then again there is no magic pill, try NPE first, then if after a few months you see no change, give it a go and report back!


I didn’t think you meant that, but it’s what you said. ;) You might try searching If anything’s to be found on PE and creatine it’s probably here or there.

This is all about creatine. It is for skeletal muscles. I do not believe it would have any benifit in PE.

Creatine is in everybody’s muscles already, but it is depleted during high intensity weightlifting sessions. Since it supposedly has an effect on muscle strength, bodybuilders supplement it after workouts so by their next workout they will be at the strongest again…

Since the penis isn’t a muscle and probably has no creatine in it, I doubt it would be beneficial!

PE SMART - Quality is infinitely better than quantity. Monitor your progress. Make changes accordingly.

The penis isn’t a muscle, you are absolutely correct, however it does have a thin layer of muscle surrounding it. So in theory the creatine is there, whether or not it will have a bearing on PE, I don’t know.

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It very well could be there. It is used as energy to contract muscles. I dont believe that will grow smooth muscle tissue. Smooth muscle doesnt grow like skeletal muscles do. If it did then the more erections you had then it would grow from this alone.

If someone has better info than what I have seen then my beliefs could change. All I ever have seen about creatine is that it is muscle fuel.

Hi guys, first post here… been lurking for a while…I started PE at the start of the year stats as follows:

14-Jan-03 —-7.5 ——-7.1——-5.5
22-Jan-03 —-7.7
FBPL = Flacid, bone pressed, fully stretched length
EG and EBPL you lot all use

Steady gains as you can see… march and april were busy months, no gains or PE there…

I train and started back on creatine last week 3 - 5 grammes per day and was wondering how it might effect my PE. So consider me a lab rat. I’ll post gains in 1/8th increments as they roll in. Though it’s not a completely controlled experiment, we should be able to get some idea if the creatine is making any difference… sudden growth or shrinkage.

Great forum by the way. Would never have believed it was possible to grow the old trowser snake like this a year ago… My cock is looking damn good these days I have to say… it seems to have taken on a life of its own… I’m so proud!

Congrats on the gains Dongle.

Cheers Cya at 8. I’m really rockin no the PE at the moment.. 8 * 6 by the year end is my goal.

Or err just noticed, those are 1/10th increments in my previous post.

From my experience creatine does nothing for PE. But here´s a tip, if YOU believe it makes a difference then there´s a good chance it will. Never underestimate the power of the mind.

The placebo effect is one of the most effective medicines of today.

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