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Hello Thunder, indeed hello World! yeah… took me a while for my first post I know. Was skeptical of PE at first, played around a bit then this year thought I’d give it a go and hey presto! gains. Now that I’ve popped my forum cherry, I’ll endeavor to be a more active contributor… amen.

As for the placebo effect, you’re absolutely right Rocco. I’ve done some reading on this. Apparently the mere symbolism to an individual of taking a pill accounts for much as to whether that person starts feeling or getting better, regardless of whether or not the pill has any true medicinal value.

Actually, putting talc on the old chap for grip has been made the biggest difference for me in terms of comfort and making gains. The jury is out on the creatine. I’d be surprised if it made a difference directly. However indirectly through allowing me to train longer and harder, resulting body chemistry changes it may make a difference.

When I go on Creatine, it ads an instant 1/4 inch. Makes sense, it draws fluid to the extremeties.

Mr jones and me..... Gonna be big stars

I guess I would have to explain the reason for my question.

In my opinion I don’t think Creatine could help for length, but…

I was on creatine a year ago (could be two years) while going to the gym for weight lifting and such. As far as I can remember I didn´t see any length gains during that time.
But I did note some bigger GIRTH measures, that I have written in a progress paper taped to the inside of my closet.

SO… I was wondering if creatine could help in girth gains, maybe only temporary???

As I said in older posts I’m not so interested in Girth as I am in Length. It was at that time an unexpected change in my unit.

Thank you for the replies.

OK, thank you.

SO… I was wondering if creatine could help in girth gains, maybe only temporary???

It is most certainly temporary

Mr jones and me..... Gonna be big stars


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