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Considering Maca

Considering Maca

I’m considering adding some maca from root of the matter to my lecithin/zinc/spirulina stack.

What type would guy guys recommend? The rootofthematter website is rather confusing and difficult to navigate.

Is Maca gel worth the extra cost over regular Maca powder? What about “Monster Maca”? What do you guys who take it prefer to take, and how much? I don’t even see dosage instructions on the site.

Thanks all!

I read some disturbing accounts of side effects of Maca, but I was interested in this too.

BTW, what has your current stack done for you? Any significant improvements in volume?

4/2008 Bpel 6.50, Beg 5.5, Mseg 4.9

6/2008 Bpel 6.75, Beg 5.5, Mseg 5.1

9/2008 Bpel 7.00, Beg 5.5, Mseg 5.1

Side effects? Ive read it was completely safe even at large doses.

My current stack is wonderful. The zinc has helped my hardness and volume, and the lecithin REALLY helps with the volume, but i take the granules by the tablespoon, capsules are worthless imo, the dosage in them is just too small.

And for stamina nothing beats spirulina IMO, but then again, this maca may be better. I don’t know yet.

never read of side effects. Could you explain please?

Gracias thunders!!! a seguir creciendo!! :)

Side effects:

Although there are insufficient studies on the safety of herbal preparations of maca, native populations subsisting on the local diet of the Peruvian highlands typically consume several maca roots a day. The continuous use of this root vegetable as a staple of the Peruvian highland diet for thousands of years suggests a low potential for toxicity.

In human studies using up to 3g per day for 12 weeks, no adverse effects were reported (5; 20). Studies in humans have only included male subjects. In these trials, no side effects were noted and maca was generally considered safe. Maca has not been studied in women.

04: NBP 5.5, EG 5. 08: NBP 7 EG 5.25. Current: NBP 6.5 EG 5.25


1) Anticoagulation therapy; vitamin K content of members of the Brassicaceae family may decrease the effect of anticoagulants such as warfarin .
2) High blood pressure, due to the possibility of central nervous system stimulation.
3) Hormone responsive cancers such as breast cancer, or prostate cancer, and patients who are using oral contraceptives due to the potential effects of maca on sex hormone regulation.
4) Caution with stimulants: additive effects.
5) Avoid in patients who are allergic to maca, or Brassicaceae family; e.g. broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, and cauliflower.

04: NBP 5.5, EG 5. 08: NBP 7 EG 5.25. Current: NBP 6.5 EG 5.25

Thanks guys. So which type of maca from root of the matter is best to get? I’m thinking I might try the gel. Less starch than the regular powder, and not as expensive as “monster maca”.

Raw is best, gel is okay, monster is over-rated

You should also try TROTM LongJack to add to your stack.

I order maca from I get one kilogram (2.2 pounds) of the plain raw powder. The current price for that, including shipping, is about $36. That lasts a long time. They also have smaller sizes of raw powder, and capsules.

It comes in a big foil-lined ziplock bag, so you would need some kind of small tupperware kind of container for daily use.

I take one teaspoon a day in a little fruit juice in the morning, which I think is a typical dose.

I think it’s best to take it early in the day. It can give you sleep problems if taken late. It seems to be helpful to me with my overall energy level. I haven’t seen any consistent erectile effect, but I think it helps with ejaculate volume. Of course, as with all this kind of stuff, YMMV.

They also sell something called gelatinized maca, which however is still a powder. I’ve never seen a straight story on what it is or why it should be better than raw powder.

I think it’s worth a try. You could start with a pound instead of a kilo, and try different doses, and see what you think.

Kingdom, why do you consider gel to be better than raw?


I must say, I’ve been taking the Vitamin Shoppe brand Maca extract pills for several weeks now….WOW. I have never felt so good! I should be receiving my 1fast400 4:1 maca extract today in powder form. I’ll report on how that works.

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