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Combined a few supplements, bad results

Combined a few supplements, bad results

So I finally got some Ginkgo (with the right % extracts), l-arginine AEE, and horny goat weed in the mail today. I have already been taking ginkgo, but it was a different kind that didn’t have the right 24/6% combination.

I have some ED problems, so I usually pop a 20 mg cialis pill and my problems go away.

Today, I took around 180 mg of ginkgo (usually take 120), 800mg of HGW, and 750mg of AEE, along with the 20 mg of cialis. However, I could not get a good erection like I usually do with the cialis, and intercourse didn’t go too well.

The three things I took, you would think, would promote better erections. Does anybody have any idea what could have happened? Any ideas/suggestions are great. Also, when exactly should I take these supplements? I plan on increasing AEE consumptions to around 3 grams over 2-3 weeks, ginkgo stays at 120mg, and HGW I will increase to 1.2 grams over 2-3 weeks.

How is this schedule for taking these:

-L-arginine (AEE)- 750 mg in the morning 30 minutes before I eat
(In one week another 750mg 30 minute’s before lunch. In two weeks, another 750mg 30 minutes before dinner)

-Horny goat weed- does it matter when I take it? After some searching, I haven’t seen a specific time to take it, or whether it matters if I take it on an empty stomach. For now, I am planning on taking 600-800mg in the afternoon. Increase this to around 1 gram sometime later.

-Ginkgo- My pills say take this with food, so I plan on taking 1200mg with breakfast in the morning. I can’t split this into two because it’s in a capsule (I think it’s a capsule? The ones with the grains inside)

Question- is it safe to swallow a cut pill? I cut the HGW tablets because I want to work my way up, but I feel like there are some sharp edges when I cut the pill with a knife.

I have had no success for erectile enhancement with either Ginkgo or L-arginine. Horny Goat Weed needs to be taken for a short while before it will act similar to say Viagra. If you have not experienced enhancement in about 2 weeks. You either are not taking enough or your HGW product is crap and you need to find a legitimate brand. You can try taking it a short while before planned sex but if you have not been taking it awhile it probably will not work.

For me, HGW is the only one on that list that has any sexual benefits I can clearly feel.

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