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Closing down all the generic drug web sites/and finding open sites for generic drugs

My order of generic Viagra and Modafinil from Airsealed arrived today without problems. Sent from India to the EU (east), took 9 days, I had paid by Western Union.

They just sent the blister packs whats fine with me, the Viagra is labeled “Sildefanil Citrate 100mg”, well thats what its supposed to be. I will report if there is anything extraordinary.

Originally Posted by Schabernack
the Viagra is labeled “Sildefanil Citrate 100mg”, well thats what its supposed to be.

I hope that’s your typo; otherwise it might be fake because the correct name is Sildenafil.

Yes, it was my typo.

If I order over $200 worth of stuff from Kits, do they automatically add the free express shipping? When I added it, it upped my total price. Also, it says on the site that it may take up to two weeks for shipping raw powders. Does anyone know if they are back ordered? (I asked these same questions to them in an email late last night, and it is to early for a response, but I’ve got to get to work and would like to place an order.)


Ordering from, I’ve had good service from them. I haven’t ordered the powder, but I see it is a two week shipping delay as well as their liquids now but that changes often. The shipping cost is free over $100.00 if of course your in the states.

Ordered Express from Kits on Friday early enough to ship. Did not get on Saturday nor did they answer the email that was attached to my order, or a follow up email. (They did however charge my card.)

Does anyone know what is going on with them?

I will update when I have more info.

Relax dude. Why would you expect Saturday delivery on a Friday order? It’s only Monday morning, give it a chance.

Unless you ordered special shipping, they normally use USPS, and most guys seem to report 3 to 4 days to receive their package.

If I recall, they don’t normally send out emails, and don’t always answer emails that well. They keep a low profile since their whole business is a bit shady. But I have never heard of anyone dissatisfied with them.

edit - I see you ordered “express”. If that means overnight, I would expect it today. But I wouldn’t think anything wrong unless you still don’t have it tomorrow. You are not certain they had your order in time to ship on Friday. They are a small operation and might not have gotten it early enough or had time to act on it.

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@ manage, even with express mailing your aware of the

“Temporarily Out Of Stock May Take Up to 2 weeks to ship if purchased ” for liquid tadalafil,

and your aware of their power products “may take two weeks to ship.

I think the best deal is through Airsealed Marketing: Tadalafil (Cialis) powder 20gr $96.00

I ordered from them and recently received my order. It took less than two weeks to receive and came in a green envelope that said, “Tadamix - additive for cosmetics. This sample is intended for cosmetic testing/research use only. It is not for use as food additives, drugs or other inappropriate applications. External use only.”

It works great!

The only negative is that they don’t accept credit cards and you have to order through Western Union.

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Has anyone been able to find any site that compares to elitenetpharmacy? Since the owners have changed the prices are pretty high in comparison to what they were before. All the sites listed seem significantly more expensive than elitenet was. Is there a generally consensus on the best priced generic drug website?

How about Caverject? Where’s the cheapest place to purchase it? Thanks!!


I didn’t notice the prices being higher but they still don’t take credit cards yet again.

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I’ve made a little web page ( where I’ve gotten good results from a few sites that sell various medications. I’ve gotten good service and prompt delivery from kitsnmore and alldaychemist. Looking into other sites, waiting on word of mouth reports.

Haven’t looked into Caverject etc basically because I haven’t used it. Will look into it a bit further.

Webslave, thanks a ton for pointing out the alldaychemist site. Currently if you buy Sildenafil in pill form at 100 mg they will ship you double your order free of charge. With shipping included you can get 60 100 mg pills for under $60, which at less than a dollar a pill seems hard to beat. You say it’s reliable? Also it requires you to input your physician’s name, yet the form comes up with a generic name entered already. Is this just a formality or must I actually put in my doctor’s name?


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