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Closing down all the generic drug web sites/and finding open sites for generic drugs

Originally Posted by davetherave
I think I will order some of the sildenafil as well as tadalafil powders, maybe mix them together to see if I get a better effect (maybe combining Sildenafil’s quick acting action with tadalafil’s long acting action).

Has anyone tried that? Or maybe just taken half a viagra/cialis?

I take the full dose of C every three days, and use a micro dose of V under my tongue just before the start of the action. Works great. I wouldn’t mix the two together at the same time because of the different half lives of the substances. Just use the V as needed for the boost. Use the C for its long term vascular support.

Why do you stay on the C all the time manage? Do you need it for ED or you just like it, or for PE? Can I ask how old you are?

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Originally Posted by mravg
Why do you stay on the C all the time manage? Do you need it for ED or you just like it, or for PE? Can I ask how old you are?

Like it for PE, and dealing with ED from PE which I get on heavy workout days. I don’t do it all of the time, I mentioned three days in between for C meaning it should be a minimum. Any ED I had before PE has disappeared, except for PE, and alcohol related. I am close to the half century point, single, and love women. I try to have more a day than my age allows, which is why I mix in the V, especially after alcohol. I do not drink very often, so when I do it hits me harder than when I used to be a regular. I am PEing very regularly now, so I do use the C often.

I decant to another bottle (50ml), dark-glass with a tightly-fitting removable cap. Innocuous and portable. Thereafter, I use an eyedropper, or sometimes just a quarter capful if I’m in a hurry.

I just got an order of powdered tadalafil from elite. Only problem is that instead of a bag of tadalafil I got a bag claiming to be a sample of L-glutamatein stead. Is this how they normally ship it or did they f*ck up and screw me over?

Originally Posted by figaro
I just received my 5 gram order of Tadalafil from elitenetpharmacy(.)com. I live in the United States and it took about a week to arrive. It was listed as documents on the customs forms and the baggy inside had a label of L-glutamate. It was so flat that you could not tell what was inside. It cost $70 plus about $5 in shipping ( don’t remember the shipping exactly) . Not bad for 1000 doses at 5mg per dose.

Ahh, just found this from figaro. Hopefully this is what is going on with my order as well.

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Try it and let us know.

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Just ordered 5g of C powder from Hope this stuff is good. I’m just trying to figure out how to measure doses effectively. How long has it taken anyone who ordered from them to get there products?

London to the US in under a week for my order. My bio-chemistry is seriously warped right now so I can’t give a meaningful opinion as to its strength.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

I got my first order in under a week . Being in Aus I thought that was pretty good . Just placed my second order , for some Kamagra & Seagra , so we’ll see how they go . Does anybody know if there is a generic for Levitra ?

Iamaru, when your bio chemistry comes back into normal, please give us a review of your tadalafil. Mine is still working just fine. I read a few articles last week about bad internet drugstores and good ones. It seems the ones in India are the best. All the internet pharms I’ve used from India have worked well. Just my rule of thumb.

As anyone ordered a larger quantity of pills from elitenetpharmacy? On their web site I only see 4 pill blister packs for sale (generic C-20 or V-100 @ 4 for 9 bucks)

So if I wanted 100 tabs for example, do I have to order 25 of the 4 packs? I would hope there would be some type of volume discount.

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I have read a few techniques on here for deviding up the C powder. I was wondering if anyone knows about a tool of some sort (not a scale) that could help me scoop 5-10mg of power up? I’m shure there is something out there. Any ideas?

I found this site:

I seems promising. There are other out there too. Just google “empty capsule”. For the life of me though I don’t know what size capsule to order or how many mg go into each size. This is very stressful. lol

If you want to capsulize C or V, you will have to cut your powder with some inert filler. A capsule would probably hold 200 to over 1000 mg of the pure powder, depending on the size.

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I was thinking a coke spoon from a head shop might be in the ballpark. (Do they still sell those?)

But you would still need some way of figuring out how much the spoon holds. For example, if you know you have .25 grams and you can scoop it up with 10 scoops, then your spoon is 25mg.

Horny Bastard


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