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Closing down all the generic drug web sites/and finding open sites for generic drugs

Originally Posted by iamaru
Kitsnmore not selling anything right now?

I was shopping for a friend over the weekend and portions of the site were under construction. I checked back today and they are selling kits, vitamin B12, and that is about all. Non of the stuff that we like to buy are listed right now.

Ya that is why I was asking. The only thing I did see was some liquid C on their Emerald Scientific site.

Emerald Scientific is their other site. Maybe they’re getting some heat. Or maybe business is so good they can’t keep enough in stock.

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Tadalafil (Cialis) powder, 20gr for only €64.80 from Airsealed Marketing. I am so tempted on this one. I could have a cooking party with the evil girls.

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The online Pharms in Europe are still going strong, and there are some quality sites around with plenty of products and at cheap prices. The ones I know all ship to the US, in fact worldwide. These include which imaru mentions above, but the 2 main ones within Europe are & both have a really good rep in here, and I’ve never had a problem with them. Evo has a great customer service rep

Yeah I got switched onto evopharmacy because of a non-PE reason while Elite have been widely mentioned. Airsealed shipping from Eastern Europe makes me think seizure rates from that type of area of the world may be higher? I would always recommend people order from within the USA, Canada or Western Europe for that very good reason.

Ok I have decided I want to order liquid C from a place within the US. Anyone else doing this and quite confident they’ve found a particularly good place to do it from? By all means pm me instead of posting on the forum if it would encourage you to share this information.

Originally Posted by iamaru
Tadalafil (Cialis) powder, 20gr for only €64.80 from Airsealed Marketing. I am so tempted on this one. I could have a cooking party with the evil girls.

I can’t really believe this. 20gr for 65€ that’s a joke, right?

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I just received my 5 gram order of Tadalafil from elitenetpharmacy(.)com. I live in the United States and it took about a week to arrive. It was listed as documents on the customs forms and the baggy inside had a label of L-glutamate. It was so flat that you could not tell what was inside. It cost $70 plus about $5 in shipping ( don’t remember the shipping exactly) . Not bad for 1000 doses at 5mg per dose.

Now I have to measure it out and I would like some feedback on my method. I don’t want to buy a drug scale for 1 event in my life.

I am looking for approximately 5mg doses and a simple way to dose.

I first checked the amount that arrived, I have read some Internet pharmacies give you more than you asked for. So I took a pencil, cut it to a known length, 5” and measured the midpoint. Then I filled a plastic baggy, similar to the one holding the tadalafil, with 5ml of water (=5g) and stuck both baggies to the ends of the pencil with needles. Then I put the midpoint of the pencil on a needle stuck in a cork (in a bottle of wine) to see which side was heavier. I actually pulled the pencil off and then put it on again to make sure it wasn’t stuck and was able to move freely. The weight was about the same. So I have about 5g of Tadalafil.

Then I picked up a drop measuring spoon from the Container Store.…069&itemIndex=1

Which is 1/64th of a teaspoon. I emailed the manufacturer and received confirmation. I also measured corn starch into a teaspoon and it took about 68 drops to fill it. Close enough.

I measured the tadalafil into an old supplement bottle and had approximately 3 teaspoons. I am using corn starch as my filler. It has the same visual appearance and texture as the tadalafil and close to the same weight (3 teaspoons = 8 grams according to the package I think at my measuring method, fluffy powder leveled off, it is about the same as the tadalafil)

So my calculation is:

5 grams of tadalafil equals 5000 milligrams or 1000 5 mg doses.

A drop measuring spoon equals 1/64th of a teaspoon

1000 divided by 64 equals 15.625 teaspoons

3 teaspoons tadalafil plus 12.625 teaspoons starch equals 15.625 teaspoons.

So I put 12 and 2/3’s teaspoons of corn starch in the bottle with 3 teaspoons tadalafil and shake well (about 10 minutes, shake, roll, etc). I will shake well every time I dose so I expect I will get approximately 5mg per dose. I will start with a full drop (1/64 teaspoon) and adjust my dose from there. Even if the dose is more concentrated I don’t think it will go above 20mg (The standard dosages of Cialis come in 5mg, 10mg and 20mg doses). I will adjust the dose based on my results.

As a safety check says tadalafil has been tested up to 500mg in a single dose to a healthy person with side effects being the same as at lower doses. Also, they tested multiple 100mg dose in one day with a healthy individual with no adverse affect. Even if my whole dose (1/64 of a teaspoon) was tadalafil it would be 26mg of tadalafil.(That’s at my well shaken fluffy powder leveled off measurement) So I think I’m safe from overdosing, my greatest concern.

What do you guys think?

I did a quick check on your numbers and you are right, 1 of those mini spoons is 26mg. Pretty creative!

A 5 mg dose seems small to me. I might just skip all the work, and eyeball half a spoon and snort it. :)

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mravg, it was more work than I probably needed to do, but I thought, “I’m buying a pile of white powder from some place in India, better safe than sorry”. I tried one dose today and it only had a small effect. I’ll try another tomorrow. Thanks for checking the math.


It’s been my finding that the generic stuff runs a little weaker than the real stuff so like mravg said you make have to up that dose a little.

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Originally Posted by mcnitro
I can’t really believe this. 20gr for 65€ that’s a joke, right?

I keep thinking it must be a typo or a joke as well. 20gr for 65€ is the price on their site. I have no idea what I would do with that much but am tempted to order just to see if it is real.

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Dino, I have tried generic c from India in pill form and did find it weaker, but I thought that might be because they just used less. I guess it really is just weaker.

Hey guys I’m not ready to do all the powder stuff just yet. Could people who order straight liquid C maybe point me to good sources? Preferably ones in the US that have top prices and quality :)

Keeping in mind that liquid C is simply the powder suspended in solution I would recommend kitsnmore except they are not currently selling. I don’t know of other US sources that sell it as a liquid.

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