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Closing down all the generic drug web sites/and finding open sites for generic drugs

King, as your ordering, there’s a place for comments. In that comment area, just state that the tadalafil won’t be consumed in the US. Fairly simple I believe.

Just to clarify, so if you select, for example, 30 pills for $68, then go in your profile settings (name, address, etc) and put in a comment about medication will not be used in the US, then they will ship you 60 pills even though you put 30 pills in your shopping cart? Do I have the procedure correct. I see no mention of 2 for 1 anywhere on the web site.

VKN1, on their home page, look for “Men’s Health” Double Pills Offer. On the right side column, click it,,,will see sildenafil and tadalafil double pills offer.

After a lot of orders, I have to say that ADC have a good product, great prices and their service has been pretty good. On my first order they undercharged me by $20, I notified them (just in case it would delay the order), they said they’d ship it anyway and wait for me to send the $20 later. recently reshipped me a package for free that was lost in the postal system, I was quite impressed.

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I also use ADC. Used them multiple times for multiple things and never had a problem. I don’t know why exactly many people seem to think ordering from over seas is ”iffy” or unusual, or that the product won’t be up to par. India for example is one of the largest generic drug sources on the planet. Anyway, I’ve got nothing but good to say about ADC after ordering from them 4-5 times. Never seen the stuff I get from them cheaper anywhere else AND ALL legit. You can ”google” any of the companies’ products they sell. Eli Lilly, Aventis, Cooper Pharma for example. All big names in generic drugs. ;) I know people who are even completely comfortable ordering blood pressure meds and meds for their kids from this place if that says anything. I think it does. I occasionally need tetracycline for adult acne. Before I found out about ADC, I paid around $90 shipped for 350, 500mg pills. OUCH. Same brand from ADC, same dose, same quantity for around $30 shipped.

Their ”Manly” branded generic viagra works great for me. 1/2 of a 100mg pill is all I need. I’ve used their generic clomid for PCT with success as well.

Shameless plug ;)

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Just tried out ADC , I got the 100mg Viagra which I cut in half. Works great Even after a few beers. They had very fast shipping and I did get 2 for 1 pills. I’m sure I will be doing more business with them.

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Originally Posted by Walywrld
I’ve used their generic clomid for PCT with success as well.

What is PCT?


Has anyone ordered from aquachem lately? I’ve been sending emails to order more bottles but I haven’t heard anything back. I was wondering if anyone has been in contact with them lately. Or a good recommendation for equally good liquid tadalifil

Does anyone know of any suppliers that ship to Canada, as most don’t, they used to but not any more!

Originally Posted by manage123452000
What is PCT?


Post cycle therapy. Thats when after a steroid cycle you want to restart your testosterone production and keep estrogen low, usually by using estrogen inhibitors, such as clomid or arimidex.

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Anyone have any experience with … they have modafinil which I’ve been wanting to try.

Expensive for tadalafil.

For those that have order from alldaychemist did you put down your doctors name and number at the end?

Anyone order from lately? I order some generic c and it came ok. Ordered some generic v the same day and it got stuck in customs. They reshipped and it got stuck in customs also.

An order from airsealed just came in, quality is very very good on their tadalafil 20mg tabs, but the shipment got held up for awhile in NY. took over a month but I recieved it and research is going very very well. Every bit as good qualitatively as ChemOne liquid tada, will compare qualitatively to elitenet powder tadalafil in a short time.

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