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I have done alot of searching and have seen where people talk about cycling clomid, but with no specifics. I am 180lbs. Anybody out there who can suggest a good dosage/cycle regimen?

Hey I’m a top level bodybuilder and for clomid dosage…hmmm.

If you just want to shoot pornstar loads, I would go with 50mg a day for 2 weeks, with 1 week off. If you get the wavy vision symptoms, I would lower the dose or discontinue it alltogether. This substance is not for normal test level males though. We use it to bring levels back up after a cycle of “Supps”.
Other than that, you could risk a reverse problem and cause the Leydig cells to become desensitized to the effects of clomid. That in effect would begin to shut your own test levels down and start signs of higher estrogen.

Just my .02cents.

Thanks for the reply. I guess the whole wavy vision thing would be easy to diagnose, but, as for elevated estrogen and decreased T, are thier any indicators to look for so that I can discontinue use?

Chas123, greetings:

For what it’s worth, I’m on testosteone supplementation, and I’m cycling with clomid. I go 6 — 8 weeks with a bio-identical testosterone cream, and then switch for 2 weeks to 50mg of clomid with a natural, over-the-counter testosterone-booster, supplemented with DIM. I’m doing this under medical supervision, with saliva tests to monitor the testosterone and estrogen levels. I’ve been getting very good results (meaning that at 62 years of age my testosterone is in the top one-third of the reference range, and estrogen is in the bottom one third). Good luck; let us know how you do.

You say your a top level bodybuilder, 2thick, whats your name and tell us what shows you have won.


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What about that other stuff called nolvadex. I read somewhere that clomid will desensitize the pituitary to GnRH (thus lowering lh output) while nolvadex makes it slightly more sensitive to GnRH. I don’t know if nolvadex increase load size or whatever tho.

Just dont take the shit if you have any doubts.

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Novaldex is used by woman who suffer from breast cancer.

It´s also used by bodybuilders when they are on cycle of testosterone to prevent them from cow tits, because Novaldex blocks the receptors of estrogen.

It will not increse your load size

This thread has everything you need to know, it is awesome.

Bigger balls , any suggestions.

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i just found an article that discussed old timers and some current roid-users routine before Clomid or Clomiphene citrate. ‘The use of pregnant women’s urine because it contained hCG, human chorionic gonadotrophin stimulates the interstitial cells of the male testes to produce and secrete testosterone, and in women stimulates… ovulation.’

Same artice states ’ hCG 1000mg. injections, over time to total 10,000 mg. …the testicles do crank up, and usually start doubling their production of testosterone within 24 hours.’

by Jim Wright, Ph.D. , no references were supplied, i’m not a doctor and i don’t were you’d find the urine.

has anyone in the uk got hold of Clomid? where did you get it from?

still after Clomid for monster loads? go to and do a search for “Omifin” which is the Spanish name for Clomid. you’ll find about 10 or so on-line stores that sell it for like 27 bucks for 30 50mg tablets…watch out tho, at least two of the site don’t have https, so you might not wanna use those.
placed my order yesterday…boy is my girl in for a shock! ;)


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