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Chromium Picolinate Info Please

Chromium Picolinate Info Please

Does anyone here in the forum have experience with chromium picolinate? I’ve heard it helps you with body fat/metabolism or something. I read about it on the web a little but I would like some info from someone who has used it. Thanks

I took it for a while years ago. I did drop some pounds, but it sped up my heart rate and made it skip at times, as it turned out. It took me a while to realise the heart rate increase and then to connect the occasional skipping with the supplement. I believe chomium picolinate is natural to the body and unless I’m mistaken I think it’s included in mutivitamins. Taking it at an elevated level had the adverse reaction on me. Too bad, because it was working to burn fat. Some bodybuilders here may know more about it than I do. I believe it has been shown to work for up to a 10 pound loss. Just because my body didn’t handle it well doesn’t mean it would have the same adverse effect on the next person.

Okay, thanks beenthere

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