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Chemical PE: The Long Awaited Evidence

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Marinera, what kind of technique do you use for girth?

You mean what are the techniques available, or the one who works best for me?

Edit: I see. I have tried pretty much any technique. I could start another long argument with a lot of people here because I have a very personal point of view on girth gains. I think most of girth gains are due to lymphatic accumulation. I mean not the kind you can see at bare eye, but more ‘hidden’. That’s why girth gains tend to disappear. So I much prefer techniques that gives little girth gains on the moment, but more ‘stable’, if you get what I mean gains you see are less due to fluid accumulation.

My preferred technique is dry jelq. I have tried a technique (pretty dangerous though) that could be called ‘mechanic dry jelqinq’. It is basically hanging unwrapped with a AFB hanger, placed very near the base.

I have also tried horse440, and I think they have great potential for BG gains; they are the most dangerous thing around though.

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I don’t think that that is necessarily true about the tunica. Whilst pumping the girth of my dick stretches way beyond what I could achieve through a natural erection. This suggests to me that the tunica is actually quite accommodating. I think its possible that a guy with more smooth muscle would end up with a larger tunica.

The one that you use personally. You seem to know what your talking about (more or less)

Originally Posted by london100
…..Whilst pumping the girth of my dick stretches way beyond what I could achieve through a natural erection. This suggests to me that the tunica is actually quite accommodating. I think its possible that a guy with more smooth muscle would end up with a larger tunica.

This suggests that SM are weaker tha TA, actually. That’s why the TA stretches more than with an erection.

Beside that, what is seen as a big expansion of the penis is not enterly due to tunica expansion, as I said earlier. The true tunica expansion is very very limited. This has been seen even in clinical reports with clamping, go figure.

clinical reports with clamping???

Google ‘penis strangulation case report’

“Both arterial and venous vessels were enlarged.” Could be good?

But then they ruin it by saying:

“The enlargement of the penile transverse diameter was caused by subcutaneous edema without changes in the size of the corpora.”

This suggests that these “gains” were superficial and temporary

I have not had any success with clamping myself, but there does seem to be a number of people on this site who (claim) to have had success. They sound pretty convincing. Clubber and Big Girtha have written vast commentaries on their successful clamping experiences. They seem to have written more than any troll or scammer would bother to write. They claim that their results have been permanent, rather than just temporary edema.

If they claim all their gains are permanent, they do believe so. But have they ever stopped clamping for a long span of time? I guess if they stop for a long time (say 3 months), most of their gains will go way.

BTW, Clubber used many different techniques, not just clamping.

I used to use an infrared heat lamp whilst pumping in a vain attempt to boost collagen extensibility. I left this on for too long a number of times. I ended up with quite severe edema, which gave me a huge looking flaccid. The edema dissappeared in a few hours.

In my experience, edema goes away quite quickly. I think its unlikely that these guys are mistaking edema for growth, but I could be wrong.

“Lymphedema remained stable 10 months postoperatively”…ipt=sci_arttext

“Gray scale examination showed slight heterogeneity of the corpora cavernosa and spongiosum and poor definition of their margins. Moreover, a thick layer of echogenic tissue surrounding the Buck fascia was evident. In fact, the largest diameter of the penis was 7.3 cm, whereas the corpora cavernosa and spongiosum (considered together) measured 2.6 cm in diameter. “

Most of lymphatic fluid accumulation can be seen at naked eye. I think there is an inner accumulation of fluids that can’t be seen, which remains there longer. Girth gains are known to be volatile. On the other hand, you can see a big expansion while clamping - up to 1”. Now, if you have a girth of 5” and your penis expands to 5.75”, for example, that’s about 15%; if that was mostly due to TA expansion, you should have immediate plastic deformation (or rupture) - what would happen if you would stretch your penis from 7” BPFSL to 8”+ BPFSL?

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Excellent post. Very informative.

If clamping gains are the result of lymph build-up deep within the penis (and you make a good case for that) surely that means that the tunica is capable of accomadating itself to changes in the size of the “inner penis”.

Surely that means that if the SM content of your penis could be boosted, the tunica would stretch to accomodate that change.
This suggests that the tunica is not the limiting factor. Right? TA envelops corpora cavernosa. So the above shows that TA doesn’t enlarge according to girth expansion.

Sorry I got confused.

Buck’s fascia envelopes the tunica. The fluid build-up is between the tunica and the BF.


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