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Chemical PE: New ideas

Chemical PE: New ideas

I am posting three emails that I sent to the famous Ronielle and a fourth email that I sent to a member of this site. I hope that these emails will serve as a basis for constructive discussion. I will not have time to post on this thread because I have some college exams coming up. If someone wants to say something to me then send me a PM and it will go through to my email account.

Dear Ronielle,

I have been reading about platelet rich plasma (PRP). I was considering purchasing a centrifuge and the other materials online and performing this on myself. The potential risk of thrombosis and excessive collagen formation scared me off.

It then occurred to me that PRP injections have been performed thousands of times and that the procedure is generally regarded as safe. The concentration of growth factors in PRP is roughly three times higher than in normal blood. It would be fairly easy to replicate this by simply mixing growth factors with bacteriostatic water. This mixture would then be medically filtered and injected. The idea would be to come up with a solution that resembled PRP.

The mixture would contain all the major growth factors (VEGF, IGF-1, IGF-2, EGF, KGF and potentially SHH). These would all be at three times the natural blood concentration.

I think this would be safer and more effective than relying on a single compound. The growth and development of new cells is a carefully choreographed process involving the full range of chemical signals. VEGF has been shown to radically increase SM content in animals without causing any problems, but the theoretical risks should not be understated.

I checked to see whether this idea would be financially viable. Research grade VEGF (not derived from humans or animals) can be purchased online from reputable looking research companies for $13 per mcg.

This would effectively be an exact replication of PRP. This has been proven to be a safe treatment in other areas of the body. The infamous Dr Runels has used PRP on the penis and there are no horror stories to be found on the web as far as I can see.

It would be possible to omit the growth factors that encourage the growth of collagen and scar tissue such as PDGF.

Best of luck and be safe,



I forgot to mention in my last email that the interleukin growth factors have been shown to upregulate androgen receptors. They are also freely available from research suppliers at reasonable prices and could potentially allow a patient to experience a second puberty in the dick.

My problem with PRP is the possibility of thrombosis. I cannot find any evidence linking PRP with thrombosis, but abnormally high platelet counts are associated with the disorder.

Platelets are the blood cells responsible for wound healing. When you cut your finger the platelets form a blood clot and prevent excessive bleeding. They are also the source of the growth factors that are involved in the healing process.

My idea was to replicate PRP without the risk of thrombosis and to totally omit or lessen the concentration of platelet derived growth factor (PDGF), a compound that encourages the growth of collagen and that could potentially slow down gains.

Platelets are designed to heal wounds. PRP contains a mixture of compounds that are geared primarily towards the growth of fibrin, collagen and scar tissue (all the stuff you don’t want). My idea would be to create a mixture that encouraged the growth of smooth muscle instead.

I am not surprised that Dr Runels has not had success with his PRP protocol. He charges $1,900 for a single shot. That would be like you telling people to take a single shot of PGE + Andractim. This is a process that would take several months and involve perhaps 100 injections (it could be possible to use some sort of intracavernous catheter if the patient did not want to inject themselves that much).

I actually believe that a cocktail of chemicals would be safer than a single chemical. That mind sound stupid, but hear me out. The proliferation and migration process is phenomenally complex and involves a bewildering array of chemical signals. If you have an abnormal excess of one particular chemical signal you risk fucking up the process and creating malformed and potentially cancerous cells. If all the main ingredients are there in the right proportions then you have a better chance of encouraging trouble-free growth.

You would probably be better off taking very weak dosages of eight individual compounds together (that work synergistically) rather than a very strong dose of a single compound.

It just surprises me that nobody has tried this before. All the main growth factors are available at reasonable prices. We can get a reasonable idea of the appropriate dosages by looking at the concentration of these hormones in PRP (a substance that has been proven to be safe). Up to now people have confined themselves to injecting IGF, which is just one of around eight major growth hormones. Why not inject them all (minus the ones that encourage collagen growth) at a safe and effective dosage?

All the best,



I am considering trying VEGF as well. I attatched a study that you might find interesting (you may have read it already).

They injected old rats. They discovered that their erectile function improved significantly. They also noticed that their smooth muscle content rose by roughly 25 percent in just 4 weeks.

I am not sure about the relationship between dick size and smooth muscle content.

The Penis is ~ 50% smooth muscle

Its possible that a one unit rise in SM translates into a .5 rise in dick size. If this is true then these rats experienced pretty big gains. (12.5 percent in a month).

All the best,


Dear XXX

I have briefly scanned through a couple of the SHH articles. Unfortunately because of time constraints I couldn’t properly review the literature:

(1) They are considering using SHH as a therapy for ED.
(2) It appears to be important in puberty (postnatal morphogenesis as they prefer to call it)
(3) It is important in adult homoeostasis.
(4) There is evidence that it can encourage the re-growth of the cavernous nerve.
(5) It is an upstream compound that causes a cascade involving increased expression of BMP, NOS, and VEGF.

This is all very interesting, but there is no direct evidence that injecting the stuff will cause your dick to grow.

I am feeling very frustrated right now. There does not seem to be any feasible way of testing these theories. I do not have the cash to pay a contract research organisation to carry out a proper experiment. I do not have the guts to experiment on myself. I cannot legally pay someone to experiment on themselves on my behalf. There seems to be no solution.

PRP contains three “bad” compounds: FGF, PDGF and CTGF. These are involved in the synthesis of collagen and one of them has been implicated in PD. I imagine that collagen growth would prevent gains. There is also a link between platelet concentration and thrombosis. There may be a risk of PRP injections causing thrombosis.

I am vaguely considering giving myself weekly shots of PRP minus the platelets, FGF, PDGF and CTGF. This would involve injecting a mixture of TGFB, IGF, VEGF and possibly interleukin-6 (because this is supposed to up-regulate androgen receptors). The dosages would be the same as in a patient receiving PRP. That way I would be under no more risk of cancer or any other disorder than a person receiving PRP treatment. This would be PRP minus the “bad stuff”.

I would be really interested to know if you had any thoughts about how these ideas could actually be tested.

This may sound a bit silly and delusional, but if you managed to hit upon something that worked dramatically it would be worth a lot of money. A bigger dick is desired by most of the three billion men in the world. It would be fairly easy to commercialise any discoveries you make.

Stay in touch,


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Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Do you have Ronielle’s permission to post his reply london?

That’s not his reply, that’s my second email to him. Its all stuff written by me.

I would be interested in reading Ron’s replies to this.

Very interesting to say the least. I wonder what the cost per weekly injection would be and how complicated it would be as far as how to combine things, keep them from being expired or ruined chemically or thermally etc. Of course, if I wasn’t in such a bad position right now to be ordering chemicals in the place where I live, I suppose instead of writing abouit my interest I’d be fulfilling it by trying figure it out myself. Anyway, just wanted to give props and express support for london’s effort.


I have done chemical penisenlargement before on/off for a couple of years.I really was very very high motivated and thought I found the secret and everything.I also used real IGF-1 ( I have used igf-lr3 before) straight from the pharmacy and paid big money to the Dr and pharmacy to get that.I injected as high as 2000mcg each injection with other chemicals.I used also used pge-1 and gone as high as 8 hours erection.

I didn’t use VEGF as studies have shown that IGF-1 can on its own stimulate VEGF.

Lately I have done a lot of reading about penis enlargement and now I see that there is not any kind of logic behind chemical penis enlargement.As you have read before the tunica is the limiting factor and these chemicals have very little effect on that.They mostly effect the smooth muscles which if you have erectile dysfunction may help with the erection quality otherwise the effect will be little to nothing.

Also I see that you talk about ronielle.Have you done your research about the average dose for pge-1/caverject? If yes , have you read how much he is using ? He literally damaged his penis and he want people to pay him ? Haha!

There are certain chemicals that are never mentioned before( don’t ask me which one) that can help which I didn’t use because I’m not going to play wanna-be scientist!

If you want girth just clamp couple times a day.Good luck.

TheScientist, were you doing a good manual routine at the same time as you were injecting IGF? Unfortunately, your story sounds like mine except with the word “chemical” substituted for “manual”. I feel like I’ve tried everything in manual PE. Clamping was possibly the least effective thing I tried — all I have to show for years of clamping is a bunch of deep tattoo-like discoloration that chemical peels doesn’t seem to reach. This doesn’t mean that chemical PE works, obviously, but just saying that many people who are interested in chemical pe may be interested in it because they feel like they are hitting their head against the wall with manual pe.


I have done both.I have done chemical penis enlargement with and without manual pe.When I done it without,I wanted to see if a increase or proliferation of the smooth muscle is able to increase the penis on its own.

When I did manual pe I saw a increase in penis size but don’t be fooled,I didn’t see any kind of significant difference when I only did manual pe where I gained.Actually there was a significant different.I gained much more when I only did manual pe and concentrated on that.

I know that when you don’t gain from manual pe you’ll get frustrated and everything and like to believe that there is something else which gives you hope.Sometimes reality can be hard , but can safe you losing allot of money,time,experimenting and the end of the day you still didn’t get bigger penis.

But hey, I’m just a guy and that’s my experience.Don’t take it as a fact.Ever body can do their own research.

Good luck.

It seems fairly evident to me that there is substantial evidence several people have gained from chemical pe. The most obvious example is Ronielle, but also many even here at Thunder’s. It’s also good to hear from people like yourself who haven’t though.

Thanks, London! Great post from a pioneer. I am also studying chemical PE right now.

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