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Originally posted by AlexW

As far as my load, I only used it for one day but I didnt pop a load in awhile either. So it may have just added a litlle more to the volume.


I was wondering if the increased load might have been partially due to not busting a load for a little longer than usual.

Keep us posted on your results.

Final cerinitin report!

Ok members and vets,

Here is my final verdict on cerinitin; Although your orgasm does feel better, the actual volume of cum DOES NOT increase. It helped my load initially, but has done nothing for me thereafter. So I am sorry to report that this stuff has done nothing for me! Its a sad day for Peter North wannabees! :(


BTW, I am sorry to get some of you guys so excited by this stuff. But I should have blown more loads before posting success stories. Sorry guys!

I’ve been taking Cernitin for two weeks now, increasing the dose gradually, but I can see little, if any effect on my load of cum. I started with the dose recommended by tha manufacturer, 375mg pollen extract per day, now I’ve doubled the recommended dose.

What doses have you guys been taking before noticing an increased load?

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I mainly noticed it making my loads thick. I don’t get as many colds or allergies as before taking it.

What’s the millagramage on the cernitin you got from graminex? 63mg.?

Serogen’s got 400mg of cernitin PER TABLET. By far the strongest cum gusher out there? Most bang for your buck. You can order it at

Has anyone else tried this stuff?

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