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Chaste Tree Berry product

Chaste Tree Berry product

I was just reading this article and it was talking about the chaste tree berry. It goes on to say that this herb if taken in high doses may indeed make it possible to experience many orgasms in succession. If anyone would be interested to read the article which can be found on google or msn search: “Improving Male Sexual Responsiveness & Performance. The topic I’m talking about can be found on page 12.

It is said to reduce the refractory period, but it is more often rumored to reduce libido (there is a “similar thread” below on this).

Hi Megaboner,

I find this kind of odd that there was nothing mentioned about this in the article I read. I was looking for the thread and I couldn’t find it? Like I mentioned before it is quite an interesting read if you have 10 minutes or so?

I had heard the same thing about chaste berry. According to legend, monks would eat it to curb their libido, hence the name “chaste” berry.

As to the refractory period, the popular consensus is that Dostinex (cabergoline) will help with this. It is a prolactin inhibitor. Prolactin is the wonderful little hormone secreted right at ejaculation that initiates your refractory period. Interesting to note that Dopamine and Prolactin are antagonists to each other, i.e., whatever boosts one will inhibit the other. Almonds are a source of dopamine, as well as the herb Mucuna prurience.

My apologies for hijacking the thread.

Hijacking the thread? Dude that was great info. Thanks.

Don’t mind being hijacked. Anyway I have been reading up on this and there have been some disturbing facts that I found. The first one like sleepy278 mentioned was the curbing of the libido and secondly the herb is known to cause tecticular atrophy. I looked up to see if this doctor really exists. I sent him an e-mail more or less telling him about the 2 side effects of the herb. He responded with this:

Good Thursday Evening, Mr.!

The evidence you cite is anecdotal and reflects a body of observation over time but nothing in the way of controlled studies. This is not to say it may not point to smoke in the woodpile, but until formal studies are carried out the issue is unsettled. Actually the hard science done to date on Vitex agnus-castus is very limited (See this mongraph Some were done using animal models and a handful with people. This leaves the whole issue of use open to interpretation and personal prerogatives. If you are reulctant to use this particular herb in standardized form I would go with that conviction.

There are, BTW, CAM physicians who are using high dose standardized Vitex agnus-castus on male patients with benign prostatic hypertrophy and reporting good results. Those I’ve dialogued with tell me they saw no real side effects including any adverse impact on libido or androgen levels with long term use. These reports like the body of Tibetan information you referred to is anecdotal and may or may not pan out if and when formal studies are carried out.

Sorry I can offer you nothing more definitive or reassuring. Many herbs and even some drugs amount to “catch-as-catch-can” when it comes to long term side effects across time.

Ciao for now,

Anthony G. Payne, Ph.D.

Skype I’M: phoenix2doc

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