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Changing my well being with celery


Nice alin !

This stuff works :) Thanks for this!

Originally Posted by bigtiny454
Also, that 1/2 cup load was from an entire bag I bought from Walmart. It’s the biggest loser brand for about 2$. I ate about 5 sticks the night before and the rest through out that day. I was in a real horny euphoric state that night! With the amount I spent on Viagra, a 2$ bag of celery isn’t that bad at all and it’s a lot healthier than a pill.

In your opinion the celery had the largest affect on the cum output?

Originally Posted by djrobins
In your opinion the celery had the largest affect on the cum output?

After reading this thread I went straight to the store and got two bundles of celery…

No prob sparkyx!

Djrobins, I really think its everything, the supplements and celery. Since eating celery, I have no need for Viagra. (Thank god!)

If you read in that link, one thing that seems to be crucial is testofen. The manufacturer tests show a good increase in the seminal vesicle and causing an increase ejaculate. I just started on the testofen so I shall see. Swansons is a good source for all of this. Always google the hell out of this stuff so you have knowledge of what you are taking!

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