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centrum silver vs. gnc mega man


People with ass disorders usually have a hard time absorbing b12. Here is a good fact sheet.

Supposedly, from what I read, in two places, people claimed those with high histamine levels can get sick off of a Multi-vitamin.

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Originally Posted by stud_foxxx

So your saying that taking one twice daily is more effective?

More effective? They’re vitamins. They provide basic things that might be missing from your diet. They don’t have an “effect.” Take them the way that’s most convenient for you. For me, twice a day is convenient since I already have an “evening” dose of supplements to take. If you only want to take stuff once a day, that would work as well.

Bulk vitamins are synthetic and your body can only absorb a small fraction of what’s in there. Also, the %DRV is horribly out of date and somewhat misleading. The DRV is the minimum recommended dosage…more would of course be better to operate at peak efficiency. There’s also the fact that many minerals compete for absorption, another reason I don’t like taking multis. Take calcium and zinc together for instance, and the calcium will cancel out the zinc.

Also, it is better to space out what you take throughout the day rather than taking all at once. For example, vitamin c only stays in your body an hour or so, so breaking it up throughout the day is a really good idea. Especially since the DRV for vitamin c is absurd, I take 3 - 6 GRAMS of ascorbic acid daily. Most would consider that megadosing, but humans are one of the few animals that don’t produce our own vitamin c….when you take into account that a housecat produces 5 grams of vitamin c a day naturally, suddenly a man taking 3 - 6 doesn’t seem that crazy. And people wonder why heart disease is so prevalent…. (research Linus Pauling’s ascorbic acid and lysine regimen to fight heart disease…very eye opening. He won a nobel prize and the medical institution still refuses to listen to him.)

In the GNC mega men, what is the point of putting so much more mg’s of everything when they already exceed the 100% DV value?

Thanks for the information. It has really taught me things I didn’t know. I am thinking that I will take one in the morning and the other in the evening

Yeah. You want to go far above the “minimum” percentages, since those percentages came about to keep one from getting vitamin deficient diseases that’s all. Getting 100% the daily recommended value of Vitamin C for example will keep you from getting scurvy, but your body uses C for way more than that, so that 100% really is nothing.

Just be careful not to take too much zinc, fat soluble vitamins like A, etc.

Hey everyone. I went and bought a bottle of mega men multivitamins. It says to take 2 pills a day but when I had asked the guy at GNC for his input on it he said, “Truth be told, your body can only handle one pill a day. The rest will pissed out.” Now, this has put a new perspective on things. I haven’t heard anything on here about taking more than one is a waste. I am sure its not a complete waste considering your body might not absorb everything with only one pill, but has anyone really just taken one pill a day and than compared it to taking 2?

I don’t know how you guys are quantifying the effect of the vitamins you’re taking. Are you basing it on how much energy you have throughout the day? For that to work you’d need to test it over at least a month long period due to natural fluctuations.

Are you basing it on how much more weight you can lift? I guess that could work but once again it needs to be at least a couple weeks of evaluation.

Just buy some food with all that money. I have noticed no difference between using Costco’s once-a-day vs. the 1-a-day name brand.

These vitamins aren’t silver bullets. They’re just supplements to real food.

Originally Posted by stud_foxxx
I haven’t heard anything on here about taking more than one is a waste. I am sure its not a complete waste considering your body might not absorb everything with only one pill, but has anyone really just taken one pill a day and than compared it to taking 2?

Perhaps some basic vitamin information is needed.…rinterview.html

adun, I am based on how much extra energy I have throughout the day. Studies and research are incredibly important, don’t get me wrong, but if I didn’t feel better taking supplements, then I wouldn’t take them. I HAVE to notice a drastic improvement in energy to bother with it. I noticed a nice increase in energy with Mega Men, but GNC is expensive, and it wasn’t that much of a difference in the way I felt to warrant me continuing to take them. yes, it was a bit longer than 1 month, I’m thinking more like 3 or 4 I was on them. If you do like the Mega Men, great, but I’ll tell you this the “sport” version or whatever really isn’t worth the extra money.

I take lots of supplements, but I don’t take a multi at all anymore. Spirulina has replaced my multi. It gives me INCREDIBLE amounts of energy. I am far more energetic, throughout the entire day, I lift more, my stamina has skyrocketed, and my recovery time has decreased. Chlorella and spirulina algaes have taken the place of multis for me, IMO they are just better.

Other than that I just take now zinc, lecithin, calcium/magnesium/vitamin d, and a crapload of vitamin c as ascorbic acid.


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