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I not posting a link. Rather im just spreading the word that this website is a fraud. I ordered liquid cialis from this site december 26th and It never came. I emailed them and all they told me was that the package was coming back to their factory. They didnt tell me why or what was going to be done I emailed them again asking…”well is the package going to be sent back to me? Or am I going to have to cancel payment? That was like 4 days ago and they have not since replyied to the email.

Has anyone else had a similar experience with this website?

Strange…I ordered my liquid C from them late last year and got it in less than a week. Sorry to hear you had a bad experience:(

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I just got ripped off at also which seemed to be a good site

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Guys, do you think the government crackdown on generic viagra/cialis sites is moving full speed ahead?


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I ordered liquid Cialis from CEM in early January and they delivered in one week. I have used them twice before without problem.

I ordered my cialis from and it turned up pretty quick. Customs had gone through it though and decided to charge me 20 pounds for the pleasure.

Yep, I ordered from CEM & got my delivery in 5 days (to Japan!). So my conclusion is that it doesn’t suck.

(I really wanted the cheaper kitsnmore product but Paypal seems to choke on my Japanese account). sells liquid forms that are good, and they are cheap.I always get my order in a couple of days.they ship from the US no nasty customs stops.

I received my cialis today with a tracking number, within 10 business days. I was getting impatient and emailed them after 5 days, and the response was fast and courteous.

I have ordered from cem also with no problems

I also ordered from CEM Products with no problems, they sent it USPS Priority Mail and it arrived within a week of placing the order. The liquid CIA works great, for me!

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