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Caverject - information

Caverject - information


I have a couple of questions about Caverject, I know this should probably be in the general PE section.

1. Does all Caverject come in a kit with syringes powder and BA water separated, or do some come already mixed?
2. Is it possible to use 2mcg from a 20mcg dosage bottle and store the rest in the refrigerator?

Just wondering, I’m investigating chemical PE and will probably take contact with a local urologist pretty soon. I’m aware
That he will not prescribe me the drugs, but I have another source for Caverject and IGF-1 LR3, so prefferably Caverject
Would come mixed and ready, so I could mix both the caverject and the IGF in the same syringe. I guess I will have to
Order the preps and check out how they come.

Forget about chemical PE. It’s too dangerous.

Never take any medicine withouth medical advice.

Messing with hormones and the like may lead you to cancer. And that isn’t funny.

Sure, I know there are risks. Though the risks with injecting caverject should be small, men do it all year without any problems..

I’m going to do this in close contact with an urolog, and will start titrating from 1mcg increasing by 0.5mcg to reach an erection for 2 hours. So I’m going to the urolog to see if he can supervise me from time to time to check for scarrings and the like.

My plan is to start out with the Caverject alone, and then include 5 to 10 mcg of IGF-1 after 3 months to see if there is any difference. At any sign of priapism I will of course heed to the emergency clinic.

I will also document the entire process with clear before and after pics/measurements so we get that cleared once and for all. I was contemplating going to Toronto, but the costs would end up being 4000 euros for 6 month. This way I will cut down the costs to 2000 euros. It’s not like it’s rocket scince with the quadmix..

Anyways, I’ll keep you updated when the procedure will be close, that is in a month or two.

Whats the point in use of PGE1? As far as I understand, it only creates erection.

Maybe you could get that effect cheaper with melanotan-2, getting nice tan in the process :D

Nope, it is know that PGE-1 also loosens the collagen. So that that together with stretching will most probably give very good healing results.
I’m already on a all day stretching routine together with Jelquing, but once I’ll start the treatment I will make sure to also add some really good hanging.

So far my routine looks like this:

ADS with PM and Vac Extender modified head around the waist: minimum 6 hours / day
Jelq: 20 min in the evening
Supplements: Zinc + E400 + L-Lysine + Super B Complex in the morning and L-Arginine in the evening

Warmup and warmdown with the Jelquing.

So far I have kept this up for 7 weeks and I would dare to say that I have gained approx 0.5cm in lenght, but nothing in girth.
Once I’ll get up to 16 cm length I’ll add Clamping to my routine, as I’m worried clamping might really toughen the tunica.

My current stats:
BPEL: 15.1 cm
NBPEL: between 13.5 and 14 cm depending on how horny I am, more and more often close to 14 cm
EG: 12.5cm

I also have some before / after pictures back at Betterman. Anyway, I’ll keep you guys up to date. I’m hoping to have a stable 14 cm NBPEL
And 15.5 BPEL before I start the chemical routine.


Oops, forgot to mention that my starting size before starting PE:

Sometime Early 2006
BPEL: 13.5 cm
NBPEL: 12.6 cm
EG: 12.1 cm

So I’m not completely new to PE :)
I’m still as amazed as ever for every 0.5 cm I gain :P


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