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Anyone use this stuff? I took a pill this morning and an hour later had some erotic thoughts while eating my steak (yes for breakfast haha!) And I got a 70% out of nowhere. Maybe this is the suppliment I have been needing. right now I am cycling like 7-8 different herbs every day. None of them gave me a quick semi-hard on like this one.

Hey Uplink! How is the Catuaba still working out for you?

Well I havn’t taken it again since that 1 day. But I probably will tomorrow. Doing cardio and kegels have definately helped my EQ I believe. And also horsedick’s powerjuice thread is working to I think. I am going to look into getting some AAK-Arginine see if that helps also.

It was probly a placebo effect(Probly) all Ive read on catuaba, it takes a few week to get into your system to take effect. I would look closer at some of the herbs you already hav been taking for a while. But try it again and see what happens.

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I’ve been taking catuaba and muria priens as well. Both seem to do little or nothing. Maca on the other hand works wonders. I get the best quality stuff there is too. If your getting it in capsule form from a reseller like vitamin shoppe, chances are it’s very old and dead. I get mine in raw form for about $10 a lb.

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Maca is really good stuff. I take it regularly in a chewable tablet form that has loads of vitamins in it as well. I especially take it right before I school people in basketball :) . At 245 lbs and 6’0-6’1 I can still almost dunk after taking that stuff! Now if I only knew about that stuff when I was younger and could 360 dunk… That would have been fantastic!

You should try the raw powder form. I do sometimes up to a tablespoon at a time and it works wonders with energy and have powerful contractions during orgasm from this stuff.

Since you are my property, the contents of your mind are also my property, and you will give them to me when I ask.

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