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Catuaba: weighing the benefits

Catuaba: weighing the benefits

As many of you know, Catuaba is an herb that has the potential to have serious positive effects on your manhood. This rainforest plant is so powerful that songs have been sung for centuries in its honor. I tried Catuaba for an extended period recently, and was able to establish that it does indeed make one’s penis appear larger and firmer. It took a dosage of 930 mg twice daily for me to notice unquestionable results. Everything with this is good, but I couldn’t help but notice that the herb made me feel a bit cloudy throughout the day. Before adding Catuaba to my regimen, I was reading a couple of books per week, excelling in school, etc. As soon as I added it to the herbs I take daily, I began to fizzle out of my responsibilities at school going into maintenance mode to save myself from failing.

Many herbs in the past have caused me major irritability and this is the main variable by which I usually judge an herb in terms of whether I find it acceptable to experiment with. While Catuaba didn’t make me irritable, it clouded up my system and even had a bit of a counter-productive element to what transpires in the bedroom. To preface what I’m going to say next, I am a master of prolonging ejaculation, trust me! I believe that the most significant ability a man must have in the bedroom is the ability to last long enough to satisfy a woman. I have mastered this from all angles, and it has proven to be the most beneficial change my sex life has ever experienced.

With this in mind, you can understand why I was disturbed by the fact that Catuaba diminished my staying power. I stuck with it for a couple of months because it had a noticeable impact on my penis size and health, but after a while I realized it was seriously impeding my sex life. I came to realize, the size of your penis of course does matter, but when you couple an increase in size with an inability to last more than a couple of minutes, you are disabling yourself completely. Of course it is difficult to give up an herb that you know is making your penis hang bigger, and swell up to a larger state during erection, but it would be stupid to continue using an herb which so strongly triggers my ejaculation process that my penis was beginning to show that it wasn’t getting the workout that sex usually offers.

I’ve now quit Catuaba, and I’m enjoying my normal ability to delve into sexual experiences without worrying about ejaculating too soon. What a relief!


What good is a great flaccid size and big swinging balls if it turns you into the dreaded minute man. If it was a choice of having a 9 inch dick and being a minute man with no escape or having a 6 inch dick that would rock for hours I would take average. And it sounds like it made you dumb in school also:) .

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Bump. This is good information for some of you folks.


Where did you get that catuaba from?

I tried the one from Swanson Vitamins but it does not work for me.


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