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Capsule machine recommendations!

I’ve only used 1.

The Herbal Capsule Filler 100

Payed 50 bucks.

Accurate. Uh, not very. Depends on the amount used, but there is loss of precision.

I wouldn’t make any capsule that’s active ingredient is under 10mgs.

I have never used one, but Cap Em Quick seems popular. I checked prices a few days ago. Nutraplanet has them for $11 with a tamper. Looks like they only come in a fixed size, 0 or 00.

I shopped these things a year ago and finally just got a Cap Em Quick. Doing a bulk order and my supps site carried the Cap Em Quick, I got a discount and no shipping. I like the look of the base on the Capsulemachine that you picked up. That was actually my first choice by just a bit over the Cap Em Quick.

Let us know how it works out for you.

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